EDR Reports

Shield Africa 2017

Abidjan – Joseph Roukoz

Wanted and conceived by Africans to address the security challenges of the continent, ShieldAfrica has aroused great interest since its first venue in Abidjan in 2013, a marked interest from both institutional and private operators.

Opening ceremony where Minister of State Hamed Bakayoko, Minister of Defense Alain-Richard DONWHI and several African personalities.


Leclerc tanks and VBCI APCs exercise in Alsace in freezing temperatures

By Jean-Michel Guhl

If they were commonplace during the cold war, seasonal open field tank manoeuvres are very rare nowadays in France, mainly due to almost permanent on-going expeditionary operations in Africa and the Middle-East which place the land forces under a severely constrained budget. This is why the recent « Lezay-Marnésia » exercise, carried out near Colmar, from 13 to 16 January last by several regiments of the 2nd Armoured Brigade (2ème Brigade Blindée) of the French Army has generated much public interest. Colmar, in the French region of Alsace bordering Germany, is one of the historical cities, along with Strasbourg and Mulhouse, which command the access to the Rhine river, one of Europe’s most important economic fluvial arteries.

Leclerc MBTs from the 12ème Régiment de Cuirassiers.


Leonardo MW Ltd launch in London

By David Oliver

According to Mauro Moretti, CEO and General Manager of Leonardo, Europe, not just the European Union, should reshape its defence industry. He was speaking in London on 12 January at the press launch of Leonardo MW Ltd, a new single entity for its UK-based operations.

Mauro Moretti, CEA and General Manager of Leonardo.


The EU makes a right turn

By O.R.

Tightening of socio-economic and cultural-ethnic problems, confusion and unpreparedness of European government for a comprehensive solution for those problems lead to frustration and resentment among European citizens. This situation creates a breeding ground for the spread of a variety of national socialist ideologies and organizations. Objective processes of historical development, such as international financial crisis and its consequences, sharp reduction of social guarantees and general welfare and labor legislation deterioration, pushed the European world into the arms of the rightwing movements with nationalist and populist overtones.


Beretta announces new acquisitions and contracts

by Paolo Valpolini

The week before Christmas Beretta invited a handful of selected journalists for a firing trial of some of its handguns and rifles; the event proved to be much more than that, as the company confirmed some recent successes abroad and announced the acquisition of a new brand that adds to the Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) portfolio.

The new fully automated surface treatment plant completed the modernisation of Beretta’s production plant at Gardone Val Trompia. © P. Valpolini



Defence Industry Minister meets with DCNS France

The Minister for Defence industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP today met with senior management of DCNS in France to discuss progress on Australia’s Future Submarine Program.

The Minister for Defence industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP with Hervé Guillou, DCNS Chairman and CEo in France at Cherbourg in France.