Reports from MILIPOL 2017

EDR Journalists publish the highlights from MILIPOL 2017 :


CZ P-10, EDR MagazineFN 509, EDR Magazine
Interview of Anatoliy Punchuk,
Deputy Director of FSMTC of Russia
A new submachine gun from BerettaACMAT
Light Tactical Vehicles
for homeland defence
Thermal plus camera
in the new Meprolight
smaller and smaller
A modernized CZ
at Milipol 2017
FN 509:
a Striker from Belgium
Thales Roof Box, EDR MagazineCyan Forensics, EDR MagazineDSO Freeman, EDR MagazineN-Vision Atlas, EDR Magazine
Improving fleet availability
with the Connected Roof Box
Computer search at a
glance from the UK
Homeland Security:
the UK approach
An Atlas from N-VisionStopping ramming cars,
new systems from Mifram
Masada, the new IWI Striker pistolSpeeding up video analysis

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