Thales launches new innovations platform in the US

Thales launched xPlor as a strategic function for engaging with strong U.S. start-up and academic ecosystems. This initiative seeks to develop new, innovative and smart solutions for our world. As proof of concept for this initiative, Thales unveiled DragonFly, a product rooted in the technology transfer of Thales’s military head-mounted display capabilities and announced its membership with the MIT Media Lab for collaborative work on cutting edge research and development. 

Thales xPlor’s mission is to create new streams of value by identifying and partnering with emerging and disruptive technologies and companies within the innovation network to create new business ventures, technology insights and licensing opportunities. 

Sourcing original concepts and technologies, Thales xPlor has established three complimentary pillars for success. 

The first leverages Thales’ existing competencies in aerospace, defense, security and transportation, to explore new ideas that drive a competitive advantage. 

The second pillar positions Thales xPlor within the start-up community to engage with new ideas, creative minds and critical problem solvers in the interest of discovering mutually beneficial partnerships. 

The final pillar builds relationships with leading academic institutions to engage with critical research in new and advanced technologies.  

The new Thales DragonFly product – a head-worn surgical display – aims to modernize the operating room by improving the man-machine interface, simplifying procedures and enhancing operational awareness. Earlier this year, DragonFly assisted in the first ever navigated spine surgery using a head-worn augmented reality display at St. David’s NeuroTexas Institute in Austin, Texas. Thanks to collaboration with future end-users, the results of this initial trial were a resounding success. 

DragonFly puts critical surgical information directly in a surgeon’s field of view allowing for 100 percent eyes on the patient during a navigated surgery. It also provides greater operational awareness and reduces physician fatigue by eliminating the need for accompanying monitors outside of the immediate surgical space. Seamlessly integrating with existing operating room infrastructure makes DragonFly a game changing innovation born out of combat-proven Thales defence capabilities. 

Thales’s collaboration with the MIT Media Lab is also a key asset of Thales xPlor, and it compliments a core Thales principle – to improve the safety and security of our world. Together with the MIT Media Lab, Thales xPlor will discover disruptive technologies that are at all stages of development and shape products, systems or services that push the envelope of what is possible today. Pioneering these capabilities will help Thales build a better world everywhere.

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