► CerbAir announces a 5.5 million-euro round of financing and the incorporation of new shareholders

Boulogne-Billancourt, Thursday 6th February, 2020 – CerbAir offers complete Anti-Drone solutions to secure sensitive sites and events against malicious drone use. With a number of detection and counter-measure systems already installed around the World, the French leader in Anti-Drone systems announced the conclusion of a 5.5 million € round of financing.

The age of drones has arrived and the Military is no longer the main user. With an estimated 10 million consumer drones in circulation today, the market is expected to rise to over 50 million by 2025. More than just a toy, these off-the-shelf UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are now being used for more sinister actions.

Stories about dangerous drone use and threats are quickly becoming everyday news, from the smuggling of contraband into a High-Security Prison, a drone obstructing the flight path of an airplane carrying 150 passengers, ISIS attacks in Syria or drone-assisted spying attempts. The message is clear: Be prepared for the negative effects of these flying objects. 

Easy to purchase over the counter at affordable prices, the threat is becoming ever more present. Drone predictions now systematically mention the increasing need for anti-drone protection and a large number of sectors are at risk.

CerbAir has the answer! With its state-of-the-art radiofrequency technology embedded in mobile or fixed anti-drone solutions, civilian drone threats can be detected from far away (up to 5km/3 miles). Once detected and characterized, counter-measures can immediately neutralize the drone by forcing it to land through a mix of advanced jamming and hacking technology.

The company successfully commercialized their Anti-Drone Solutions at the beginning of 2017, notably within special forces worldwide, Prisons, VIP Villas or Security Companies.

In December 2017, CerbAir secured 1.5 million euros in a funding round with the help of several investors of which several prominent contributors include Denis Gardin from MBDA, Jean-Michel Aulas with his family office HOLNEST and Technofounders, the French accelerator that kick-started CerbAir.

To write a new page in its development, CerbAir has obtained the confidence of Boundary Holding, a specialist in cybersecurity, Aubé Management (the investment holding of Nicolas Aubé, CEO of Celeste Group) and Smart Move Holding (Cyril Balas).

MDBA, co-historic shareholder of CerbAir, as well as TF Participations (investment vehicle of the start-up studio Technofounders) complete the round table.

“The aim of CerbAir is to become the go-to anti-drone solution in this ever-evolving industry. Our tailor-made toolbox approach means that we can deliver cost-effective solutions that adapt to all client needs. One of our main selling points is our capacity to detect and pin down a drone before it even takes-off, even from several miles away!”, explains Lucas Le Bell, CEO of CerbAir. “We couldn’t be happier with today’s funding round. We will enhance our offer with more features – ever more innovative ones –, boost the commercial development, while we stay in touch with the needs expressed in the field” he adds.

There are many growth perspectives for CerbAir, which experienced, at the end of 2019, a very significant increase of its demand mainly from foreign markets.