About EDR Magazine

EDR Magazine, EDR standing for European Defense Review, was created in 2011 as a derivative of the European Security and Defense Press Association. Unsurprisingly, given the origin of the magazine, its editors are all extremely qualified and highly experienced journalists, and all enjoy privileged relationships within industry and governmental circles.
Aimed at chronicling European defence and security news and events worldwide, the magazine is distributed at the major defence exhibitions and has a solid mailing list that allows it to reach decision-makers throughout Europe, the Americas, South East Asia and the Middle East.

EDR remains a bimonthly publication but boasts a new layout to better accommodate the increased amount of industry information and to offer improved readability to our international audience. It resolutely adheres to its air-sea-land tri-service coverage format, although we have broadened its spectrum to serve the ever-growing importance of physical and electronic security.

EDR also pays special attention to European defence-related matters, with a critical eye on how its technological developments can be thrust into the limelight to attract interest from the export market. In other words, EDR’s ultimate aim, through the analytical eye of its editors, is very much to serve as the premier reference source for information on European defence equipment for nations researching new technologies.