About EDR On-Line

EDR On-Line, EDR standing for European Defense Review, is a spin-off of EDR Magazine, the bi-monthly publication on European defence-related matters created in 2011 as a derivative of the European Security and Defense Press Association. The website started as a by-product of the magazine itself and has now become a product on its own, totaling 100,000 page impressions on average each month.

EDR On-Line in subdivided into different categories:

  • EDR Special Reports are the result of our staff writers visiting specific companies, attending conferences, testing systems, that is comprehensive articles, often subdivided in sub-articles to allow an easier reading;
  • EDR News are shorter, original news items provided by our reporters, that deserve near-immediate publication; unsurprisingly, this editorial production on land defence, air defence and naval defence drives most of the traffic;
  • EDR Show Reports are what the title says, as they contain the information gathered by our editorial staff attending defence exhibitions around the world. An introduction leads to a series of single-subject articles describing the main news of the exhibition.
  • Industry News is the place where we post a selected list of Press Releases received mostly from the Industry. Due to our European name, we give precedence to PRs coming from European companies, including those from Turkey and Israel.
  • Business News allows the reader to find all business-related information as well as Press Releases on yearly reports and half-year reports of the principal European companies.


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February 2024120,29463,151
March 202487,05741,252
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February 202385,26642,700
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April 202361,21426,943
May 202388,31641,700
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July 202366,25529,826
August 202371,73933,539
September 2023144,85081,174
October 2023137,68479,311
November 202389,54842,873
December 202381,61037,338
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EDR-online editorial staff

Joseph Roukoz – EDR President & Publisher
Paolo Valpolini – Editor-in-Chief and Land
David Oliver – Aviation Editor
Luca Peruzzi – Naval Editor
Regular contributors:
Jean-Pierre Husson, Nikolay Novichkov, Sam Cranny-EvansTim Mahon