About EDR On-Line

EDR On-Line, EDR standing for European Defense Review, is a spin-off of EDR Magazine, the bi-monthly publication on European defence-related matters created in 2011 as a derivative of the European Security and Defense Press Association. The website started as a by-product of the magazine itself and has now become a product on its own.
The EDR On-Line name was adopted in late 2018, to show that contents are not the same of the paper issue, but are synergic with those, the web product allowing near-real time publication and dissemination.
A first decision taken a few years ago was to stop publishing show reports on the paper magazine, as these arrived too late to our readers. While the articles published in the magazine tend to analyse a segment of defence systems, those in EDR On-Line are mostly news on single systems recently unveiled, contracts, etc.
Looking at our homepage the reader can see that information are subdivided into different categories:

  • EDR Reports are the result of our staff writers visiting specific companies, attending conferences, testing systems, that is comprehensive articles, often subdivided in sub-articles to allow an easier reading;
  • EDR News are shorter, original news items provided by our reporters, that deserve near-immediate publication;
  • EDR Show Reports are what the title says, as they contain the information gathered by our editorial staff attending defence exhibitions around the world. An introduction leads to a series of single-subject articles describing the main news of the exhibition.
  • Industry News is the place where we post a selected list of Press Releases received mostly from the Industry. Due to our European name, we give precedence to PRs coming from European companies, including those from Turkey and Israel.
  • Business News allows the reader to find all business-related information as well as Press Releases on yearly reports and half-year reports of the principal European companies.

We will continue to optimize our website in order to provide better readability and increase the amount of information available to our audience.