► 4GD to demonstrate state-of-the-art, immersive, combat simulation systems in virtual reality

3rd September 2019                                                                                        DSEI Stand N8-152

The new levels of complexity on the battlefield mean that soldiers must be more adaptable, mentally agile, discerning and better trained than ever before. 4GD was established to meet this challenge. Founded in 2016 by a team of ex-Royal Marines, 4GD has identified key gaps in current training capabilities and developed immersive training and simulation systems to best equip soldiers in Dismounted Close Combat.

The company’s Smart Close Combat Facilities are already in use by elite forces on both sides of the Atlantic.  These facilities, both deployable and non-deployable, deliver a high-tech, immersive and adaptable combat simulation solution; either at home or with a partnered force.  An aggregation of four core products, each element has been specifically selected and fine-tuned to deliver the ultimate user experience.

  • SimWallTM.  At the core of 4GD’s facilities is SimWall a rapidly reconfigurable, non-ballistic modular panel system.  Easily repurposed for a specific mission or training objective, these meet the demands of mental agility by providing an ever-changing training solution.  No longer will operators learn to fight a facility, SimWall will train them to adapt to and overcome uncertainty.
  • 4GAVTM.  Using a combination of smoke, light, sound and smell the user is immersed in a high-fidelity combat simulation.  This interactive special effects system, controlled by 4GD’s intuitive user interface, delivers either sensor activated & reactive, or, instructor-initiated effects.  It greatly increases realism and pressure to enhance a soldier’s ability to quell cognitive overload.
  • Smart Targetry.  4GD’s smart targetry, wirelessly linked to 4GAV can automatically react to a user’s actions in support of several potential scenarios.  It offers unprecedented feedback and facilitates demanding judgemental training.
  • Video Feedback Systems.   Linked to 4GAV, 4GD’s state-of-the-art video feedback system facilitates real-time monitoring and detailed after action review.  Viewed and controlled through our intuitive dual tablet display, it removes instructor burden and allows units to train collectively.        

These systems comprise a realistic, reconfigurable, smart facility, providing after-action review. They can also be tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

Drawing on its founders’ military roots and subsequent immersion in the tech sector, 4GD combines military pragmatism and digital, user-centric, technology. 4GD’s Business Development Manager James Crowley said: “We recognise that introducing new high-tech systems has become the first solution to most military problems. While taking advantage of the latest technological developments is vital for a superior fighting force, the user must be appropriately prepared and equipped to do so. 4GD is empowering and enhancing the most complex system ever devised: the individual modern soldier.” 

At DSEI, 4GD is displaying its capabilities at an innovative Virtual Reality Bar that will demonstrate a virtual training space of 98,000 sq ft (or five times larger than the biggest physical stand at DSEI).

View 4GD’s latest smart facilities: https://youtu.be/uafUurdfQP0