► AI in Naval Engineering: Dessia and Naval Group Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

Paris, Tuesday, March 26, 2024 – DessIA, the leading French startup specializing in artificial intelligence for engineering process automation, is proud to announce its new partnership with Naval Group, a global player in naval defense. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the design and development of future ship layouts, focusing on efficiency, innovation, and cost reduction in development.

The DessIA software solution stands out by its ability to develop business applications (referred to as AI-Apps or engineering bots) based on artificial intelligence and advanced algorithmic libraries. Examples include the automatic routing of electrical harnesses or fluid circuits. These AI-Apps are designed to automate the processes of generating “designs” or verifying design rules for a set of parts in 3D CAD. They drastically reduce development time and costs while enhancing product quality.

Clients can directly develop these applications using the DessIA platform, enabling them to digitize and leverage the expertise of their engineers at every stage of their product design.

The partnership with Naval Group, a major player in the naval defense sector, aligns with this vision of innovation and performance. DessIA will provide Naval Group with several libraries on its platform, facilitating the creation of AI-Apps for ship layout professions. This collaboration aims to optimize design processes at Naval Group, thereby reducing costs and development timelines.

“This partnership with Naval Group is further evidence of the trust and commitment from major industry players in our AI solutions for engineering,” states Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, CEO and co-founder of DessIA. “It demonstrates our ability to meet the complex challenges of engineering – particularly in naval – and reinforces our position as a leader in engineering automation in Europe.”

From Naval Group’s perspective, Guillaume Thiebault, Director of Submarine Engineering, adds: “Collaborating with DessIA aligns perfectly with our strategy for innovation and digitalization. The solutions provided by DessIA will enable us to take a new step in optimizing our design processes, consistent with our ongoing pursuit of excellence and performance.”

This strategic partnership between Naval Group and DessIA is a critical step toward the future of naval design, where artificial intelligence and automation play key roles in cost control and development acceleration. It reflects the ambition of both companies to push the boundaries of innovation and technology in the service of defense.

For Dessia, this new agreement confirms its upward trajectory. By increasing collaborations with renowned industrial players, Dessia reaffirms its ambition to become the European leader in generative engineering solutions