► Exail and W5 Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership for Military Aircraft Pilot Training Simulators

Exail, a global leader in the field of air and land training simulation for defence applications, and W5 Solutions, renowned for its expertise in high-fidelity simulator hardware, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing military pilot training.

This collaboration will leverage Exail’s cutting-edge simulation capabilities and W5 Solutions’ extensive experience in development and production of state-of-the-art training solutions. By combining their strengths, the companies aim to provide innovative and effective training tools that meet the evolving needs of military aviation.

“We are immensely proud of our partnership with Exail. This collaboration highlights our dedication to international collaboration and also represents a significant milestone for our ongoing export endeavors” says Evelina Hedskog, President and CEO of W5 Solutions.

“By leveraging our combined expertise and technologies, we are confident that Exail will deliver the most reliable and powerful training solutions for our valued customers” says Charles le Bot, Managing Director Exail Simulation.

The partnership plays an important role in strengthening European collaboration within the defence sector, offering technological advancements and market growth opportunities. Together, Exail and W5 Solutions are committed to delivering superior training solutions that ensure the highest standards of pilot preparedness and operational readiness.