► Hensoldt with successful Annual General Meeting 2024: Shareholders approve all agenda items

Taufkirchen, Germany, 17 May 2024 – HENSOLDT AG held its Annual General Meeting today. The event was held in presence at the Wappenhalle in Munich. A total of 78.36% of the share capital was represented at the Annual General Meeting. The shareholders voted in favour of all items on the agenda.

The voting results for the individual items were as follows:

– Approval of the proposed appropriation of net profit, including the distribution of a dividend of EUR 0.40 per dividend-bearing share, with 99.98% of the votes cast in favour

– Approval of the actions of the members of the Executive Board for the 2023 financial year with 99.00% of the votes cast

– Discharge of the members of the Supervisory Board for the 2023 financial year with 98.90% of the votes cast

– Approval of the remuneration report for the 2023 financial year with 96.29% of the votes cast

– Appointment of KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft as auditor and group auditor for the 2024 financial year, as auditor for the review of the 2024 half-year financial report and as auditor for any legally required audit of the 2024 sustainability report with 99.03% of the votes cast

– By-election of Giuseppe Panizzardi to the Supervisory Board with 93.13% of the votes cast

– Approval of the proposed adjustment to the remuneration system for the Management Board with 99.88% of the votes cast

– Approval of the conclusion of a profit and loss transfer agreement between HENSOLDT AG and HENSOLDT Holding GmbH with 99.99% of the votes cast

Further detailed information on the Annual General Meeting and the voting results can be found on our website at HENSOLDT AG | Annual General Meeting