► HUBER+SUHNER unveils world’s first truly copper less link to the antenna

Press Information Saab AB The new Direct GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF) solution from HUBER+SUHNER is the first of its kind to facilitate a fiber optic connection to be made directly onto an antenna eliminating the need for a separate power line. This new capability has the potential to revolutionise the remote antenna application landscape by addressing power constraints at the remote end. This is expected to provide significant benefits to installations within the aerospace and defense markets.
Benefits of Fiber optic technology
Power-over-Fiber eliminates power constraints by making use of available fiber optic backbones to deliver the required power to the antenna. This eliminates the need for external power sources at the remote end, whilst at the same time, adding all of the benefits of fiber optics into a conventional radio frequency link.
Supplying power to remote antenna locations is a common challenge in shelter and other command and control applications within the defense industry. “Our ability to support rapid deployments by reducing the amount of hardware and enhancing operational effectiveness by providing a truly copperless link, adds tremendous value to these types of applications” highlights Dominik Ruckstuhl, NPI (New Product Introduction) Engineer at HUBER+SUHNER.
Robust connection
Direct GPSoF employs laser safety features, which are compliant with the IEC laser standards.  The use of the Q-ODC connector ensures a ruggedised connection using single mode fibers, which enables link distances of up to 10km.
 “The Direct GPSoF solution, featuring Power-over-Fiber, demonstrates the commitment from HUBER+SUHNER to solving real-world challenges in our customers’ applications. We are excited to continue to add value by focusing on innovations in new technologies and technology convergence,” comments Chad Trevithick, Head of Solutions Business at HUBER+SUHNER.
Attendees at DSEI 2019 will be the first to witness this ground-breaking technology, as HUBER+SUHNER debuts the Direct GPSoF solution with a live demonstration at the event.