► Introducing Leonardo&Codemar S.A., a new joint venture focused on security and resilience, infrastructure management, and helicopter-based services

Rio de Janeiro, 12 February 2020– Leonardo, the Italian-headquartered aerospace and security multinational, through its subsidiary Leonardo International, which was set up to support the Company’s operations around the world, and Codemar, Companhia de Desenvolvimento de Maricá, have announced the creation of a joint venture named Leonardo&Codemar S.A., with 49% share of Codemar and 51% of Leonardo, established under Brazilian law. The joint venture’s objective is to become the flagship in the development and delivery of projects for urban security and resilience as well as new infrastructure and helicopter-based services that will boost the expertise of Brazilian industry. Through the implementation of a range of innovative and challenging projects, Maricá will become a “living lab” for the most exciting and promising technological applications contributing to the safety and quality of citizens’ life, and the sustainable development within the area.

As of today, Leonardo&Codemar will setup joint project teams that, thanks to Leonardo broad product portfolio and advanced technological capabilities and Codemar knowledge of local requirements, aims to progressively become the partner of the Maricá Municipality and the natural recipient of request for projects and services within its business perimeter. The status of the preferred partner to the Municipality of Maricá will give Leonardo&Codemar access to similar projects as they arise throughout the Latin America region.

“We are thrilled about the new development of Leonardo’s presence in Brazil, showing how an open minded and fair dialogue between such different organisations can shape unexplored and promising mutual opportunities”, said Leonardo’s CEO, Alessandro Profumo. He added, “The new joint venture will focus on delivering systems and services for the security, resilience and protection of populations and territories and will prove how space, cyber and digital, aeronautical, and unmanned technologies can contribute to development”.

Leonardo and Codemar are joining up financial and technological resources with the intent of leveraging the best of both companies’ experience and know-how to provide innovative products and services to the Municipality of Maricá. Thanks to its strategic location, Maricá is set to become a primary logistic base for Oil & Gas operations throughout the Country, with a huge potential for related businesses (i.e. financial, high tech and services) requiring the best and most reliable networked infrastructures. Similarly, a substantial tourist and residential development, facilitated by the proximity to Rio de Janeiro, will be pursued while respecting the City’s spectacular and intact territory.