► INVISIO’s acquisition of Racal Acoustics completed. Management Group expanded.

January 29 2021 – INVISIO’s acquisition of Racal Acoustics is now completed. This strengthens INVISIO’s position as global market leader in advanced systems for communication and hearing protection for professional users.

The acquisition of Racal Acoustics, which was announced on 22 December 2020, means that INVISIO is broadening its offer with a complementary product category consisting of advanced and robust hearing protection and communications headsets for environments with constant high noise. This type of environment is found for example in large military vehicles and around aircraft.

The acquisition creates several attractive growth opportunities, both through combining Racal Acoustics’ market leading offer with INVISIO’s global sales organization and through giving INVISIO access to customers relevant to the Intercom system.

Racal Acoustics has recently completed a successful restructuring and in 2021 is expected to make a considerable contribution to INVISIO’s continued growth journey, as well as having a positive impact on profits. No material integration costs are expected.

Racal Acoustics, with its 55 employees will constitute the Group’s High Noise Excellence Center and be responsible for developing new solutions specially adapted to challenging environments with constant high noise. Products will continue to be marketed under the Racal Acoustics brand.

INVISIO’s Executive Group Management will be expanded

James Ewing, Managing Director Racal Acoustics, is now a member of INVISIO’s Executive Group Management. James has many years’ international experience from the defense and aviation industries as well as the electronics sector. He has held several executive positions in Esterline Advanced Sensors, within engineering, program management, IT and business development. James reports to INVISIO’s President and CEO.

”We welcome James to the Executive Group Management and look forward to benefiting from his wide experience. He is a natural leader for Racal Acoustics and in a short space of time has implemented a successful restructuring of the company, the results of which we can already see”, says Lars Højgård Hansen, INVISIO’s President and CEO.