► Leonardo joins virtual Euronaval 2020 exhibition to showcase its excellence in naval systems

Rome, 19 October 2020Leonardo, a leading supplier of products and services for naval defence and maritime & coastal surveillance, is participating in the Euronaval digital/virtual exhibition between the 19th and 25th October. With decades of experience in the domain, Leonardo can meet naval requirements for vessels of any type, class and tonnage.

Over the last 50 years, more than 50 international navies have chosen Leonardo technologies to equip more than 140 naval units. The company’s portfolio includes complete integrated combat systems, combat management systems and communication systems as well as radar, fire control, electro-optical and navigation systems, remotely piloted airborne platforms and their payloads, ammunition, missiles, torpedoes, sonar and electronic warfare suites.

Leonardo’s modular Combat Management System (CMS) features open architecture and is reconfigurable in order to fit any ship configuration. Its high level of flexibility means that customers can choose to have a wide range of systems integrated. The Italian Navy, as part of its modernisation programme, recently adopted Leonardo’s CMS to equip its multi-role offshore patrol vessels (Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura (PPA)).

In the communications domain, Leonardo is promoting its naval voice distribution system SENTINEL TVT (Tactical Voice Terminal). For combat scenarios, the company is highlighting its Black Scorpionlight torpedo as well as the Vulcano 127mmammunition and a new small-calibre system, alongside the ULISSES(Ultra Light SonicS Enhanced System) sensor which is designed to maximise the effectiveness of Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations. Meanwhile the Janusmulti-sensor electro-optical system offers medium and long-range visual surveillance capabilities in a single package.

In the radar domain, Leonardo is marketing its Osprey (E-scan) and Gabbiano (M-scan) multi-mode, multi-mission airborne radars, both of which can operate in all weather conditions over land, sea and coastal regions. The lightest variant of the Gabbiano family, the Gabbiano TS Ultra-Light, has been integrated into the AWHERO remotely piloted helicopter, which has been successfully demonstrated in international projects such as OCEAN2020, the European sea surveillance research programme. AWHERO integrates sensors made by Leonardo and is optimised to fly from naval units to perform multiple roles. Leonardo leads the market in providing helicopters for naval use, with the widest and most advanced range of products available today.

Photo courtesy Leonardo