► Redler Technologies highlights a unique smart electronic Circuit Breaker for decentralizing and managing electric energy on military platforms

DSEI 2019, September 10-13, London, Israel Pavilion, South Hall, S5-220

5 September 2019. Redler Technologies – leading specialists in the development and manufacture of electrical power and motion management solutions for military platforms – will showcase its electronic Circuit Breakers, which are used as the building blocks for military power distribution and management platforms, delivering cost savings, reduced weight, reduced fuel consumption and other unique advantages for power designers, users and maintenance support technicians.

The Power Rider features highly-reliable, fully-automatic, redundant electronics, in a small, smart electronic Circuit Breaker. The power-saving ‘protected node’ concept, together with the prognostic and diagnostic tools, will be presented and demonstrated at DSEI.

“Through our advanced technology, we have been able to develop a compact solution that has an overall impact on a platform’s effectiveness,” says Zohar Barabie, VP Sales and Marketing of Redler. “Our patented power-protection Circuit Breakers and power distribution solution use fewer cables for reduced overall weight, consume less power, and simplify maintenance. All this enhances mission success and protection of soldiers, giving troops an extra advantage on the battle field.” Redler’s Circuit Breakers are suitable for a wide range of military and armed forces applications, whether ground-based, avionic or maritime.