► Rheinmetall Hybrid Protection Module combines passive and active protection technologies

10 September 2019  – DSEI 2019 Rheinmetall is presenting its Hybrid Protection Module for the first time in Europe. Combining active and passive protection technology, it is primarily designed to be integrated into tracked and wheeled tactical vehicles.

The Hybrid Protection Modules allow for an integrative approach: passive protection components simultaneously serve as interface and shield for the components of the active protection system ADS. Conversely, the ADS components comprise ballistic functions and characteristics. The external protection layer protects the ADS components against shell fragments, small arms fire and other sources of mechanical stress. The ADS countermeasure component is embedded in the first protection plate from the outside and serves simultaneously as part of the first layer of passive protection. The sensors of the system are contained in the space in between.

In standalone mode, the complete module already offers additional ballistic protection that significantly enhances the basic integrity of the vehicle hull. The integrated ADS standoff protection system is effective against rocket-propelled grenades and antitank guided missiles.

The prime advantage of this new possibility for ADS integration into tactical vehicles is its compact size, which saves weight and space. Moreover, it is relatively simple to install and can be mounted onto existing vehicles. The module thus offers an easy-to-implement way of adding active protection technology to a platform. The new modules can replace existing add-on passive protection elements either completely or in part.

Thanks to variable material configurations, Hybrid Protection Modules can be readily adapted to be meet individual customer requirements. Rheinmetall has already fabricated various modules, successfully conducting rigorous ballistic trials of variously configured modules with rocket-propelled grenades and antitank guided missiles.

In setting up its new Protection Systems business unit, Rheinmetall has created a centre of excellence and expertise covering the entire force protection spectrum, with products ranging from hard ballistic inserts for body armour to instantaneous smoke/obscurant and decoy systems for ground, air and maritime platforms – right through to high-performance protection technology for main battle tanks and active hard-kill systems.