► Strategic Partnership between Rheinmetall Aviation Services GmbH and Science and Engineering Services LLC for Aircraft Modification and Maintenance in Europe

Rheinmetall Aviation Services GmbH (RAS) and US-based Science and Engineering Services LLC (SES) are pleased to announce that they entered into a strategic alliance agreement to provide maintenance, repair and modification services for military rotary and fixed wing aircraft in Europe. 

This cooperation offers a broad spectrum of services ranging from simple to highly complex maintenance and repair work as well as sophisticated modifications.

“This partnership allows us to take our years of experience with the CH-53G to the next level to better meet the specific needs of our European customers. We are creating something that does not exist in this form in Europe,” said Tim Paul, Vice President Business Development and Sales at RAS.

The newly formed partnership is a prime example of creating synergies and complementing each other’s strengths. It combines the expertise and extensive personnel and technical resources of SES with the in-depth market knowledge and established presence of Rheinmetall in Europe. 

RAS already successfully supports, maintains and services of the CH-53G fleet in a cooperative model with the German Air Force across three locations. 

SES brings its extensive technical expertise from the US, where it plays a leading role in training, maintenance and modification of various rotorcraft types for national and international customers as well as for the US military in the USA and abroad.

“We’re thrilled to be part of a team that will provide customers with exceptional aircraft design, modification, test, repair, logistics, and other services. The synergy from the complimentary blending of our capabilities could not be better. Customers will now have access to a one-stop-shop for all their needs for modifying and sustaining their fleets of aircraft,” said Ralph Pallotta, Chief Executive Officer at SES.

The strategic partnership underlines the joint commitment to support the operational efficiency and readiness of European armed forces and to make a decisive contribution to the security and performance of European air defense.