Part of the CNIM Group, Bertin Technologies exhibited its FusionSight, unveiled last year at Eurosatory, which combines low light colour and thermal cameras. The same sensor package is used for PeriSight, that provides day/night 360° situational awareness for vehicles as well as driver vision enhancement.

For the time being it will be installed on refurnished AMX-10RC vehicles, and was proposed for the Light VBMR programme. However Bertin goes beyond optronics; in Summer 2017 it acquired Exensor, a Swedish company specialised in unattended ground sensors, including optical, infrared, acoustic, magnetic and seismic, all of them with low consumption and all networked; the system is known as Flexnet and can be complemented by radar sensors, all data being provided to a command and control platform.

In the CBRN domain, beside the well known SecondSight, an optronic sensor allowing real time detection and visualization of gas clouds up to a 5 km range, Bertin was showing its DOM420 survey meter with a wide range of probes for Gamma, Beta, Alpha and X-ray detection. The DOM420 was being qualified by the military and will soon equip French land, air and naval units.