Classification of the Fairs and Exhibitions in the Defence and Security fields for 2016

Every year produces its harvest of interesting international defence shows all around the planet. Europe and Asia have become hosts to many of them, often the best ones in fact. 2016 did not produce many changes, with the Eurosatory and Farnborough shows soaring high over the rest, followed by the Singapore Air Show, DSA Malaysia and Euronaval, which are growing rapidly in terms of exhibitors and organisation. Here below are all the shows our editorial staff visited, rated from 1 star to 4 stars.

✰✰✰ Singapore Air Show 7/10

11-16 February 2016

One of the major tradeshow in Asia, and the most important in Singapore. International companies from all the world exhibit at this show. Delegation are diversified, even if they are in priority local and from the SEA region. Press covering of the show is in majority local or from the area, with sparse international journalist. Very well organised show at all levels. Even if the company participation was less than the years ago. More stability in the number of visitors.

✰✰ FIDAE Chile 5/10

29 March – 3 April 2016

International Air Show in Santiago-Chile. It is the only one of that kind in Latin America. International companies from all the world, delegation are diversified. Press covering of the show is in majority local or from LAM. Well organised. Stability in the number of the exhibitors and visitors.

✰✰ DSA Malaysia 7/10

18-21-April 2016

Specialised in the land domain, the Kuala Lumpur show addresses local and regional markets. It is quite large in size with many international exhibitors. Many notable delegations, local and from the area, with some international. Excellent access for the press, medias in majority local and international. The show is well organised and continues to be quite successful over the years

Defexpo, India 4/10

28-31 March 2016

Surprise this year, Defexpo specialised in land forces, has moved from New Delhi to South Goa. Fantastic place for vacation but not for a show. Closest hotels was around two hours from the events, The place does not have the technical possibility to host such an important show. The exhibitors are domestic and international. The largest part of the official delegations is from India, same for the Press. Limited visitors. Poor organisation with very little media representative. Wait and see for the future.

 ILA Berlin 6/10

1-4 June 2016

Very German Airshow, many local exhibitors and some international. The delegations are in majority local and European. German and international journalists and visitors. Well organised except that the hand out of press badges is complicated. Less exhibitors this year than two years ago.

 SOFEX, Jordan 5/10

09-12 May 2016

One of the leading Special Forces trade-show, held in the high demanding region of the Middle-East and especially at this time. Sustained leading place in this domain. International exhibitors and few visitors participate in meeting local and regional delegations. Well organised.

✰✰✰✰ EUROSATORY 9/10


Really the world’s leading land and air-land defence and security show. This edition confirmed, Eurosatory as an unmatched multi service-service exhibition. Mainly exhibitors are international with of course a local presence, and a high focus is put on top-quality delegation and visitors. Most of the specialised and general Press cover this show with great ease. Despite the uncertain global market, the quality of Eurosatory makes it an ever-growing show.

✰✰ Farnborough 8/10

July 11-15

Very will-know air show, with a quite international visibility. In this version was a larger presence of civilian aircraft. The show welcomed an important number for both official delegation and journalists. It is well organised, even if a little too pricey given its quality and location. The show’s flaws result in a slight decrease in its global exhibitors and frequentation.

 Land Forces Australia 6/10

23-25 August 2016

International Airshow specialised in land, International exhibitors, International delegation and visitors. Local Press with some international press. It is for the local and the area market Will organised and stable so far as to the number of exhibitors and visitors.

✰✰  Euronaval, Paris 7/10

17-21 October 2016

Euronaval is the French and international exhibition for the world’s navies. Important focus on the international level. Abundant international delegations and visitors, as well as international medias. Good organisation with more exhibitors and visitors. One big hitch, already pointed out earlier, journalists cannot enter the show along with exhibitors, having to wait outside until visitors’ opening hours. It is the only show in the world doing so! Poor wifi access.

Milipol Qatar 4/10

20-22 October 2016

This key security exhibition – successful when organised in Paris –is much to small in Qatar with limited international exhibitors. Delegations are mostly local with a few from the Middle East. Very few visitors, some local journalists and scarce internationial press. Well organised though.

 Indo Defence-Jakarta 6/10

2-4 December 2016

Little tri-service show with land domination. Focused on regional visibility. Many international exhibitors for a small show, but it is due to Indonesia’s important military need for the country. Very important local delegation, and some regional. Positive facilities and organisation. It will certainly gain importance in the coming years.