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 In this issue of EDR Magazine :

 Issue 39


 In issue 38 you find :

  • Message from the Publisher
  • The evolution of infantry missiles from Luca Peruzzi
  • Paolo Valpolini discusses anti-tank to multi-role infantry missiles
  • David Oliver offers an exposé on K9 Humanitarian Deminers
  • Luca Peruzzi reports on evolution of shipborne radars
  • KTRV and the naval weapons market: Nikolay Novichkov


In issue 37 you find :

  • Publisher’s New Year’s greetings
  • David Oliver explains Asia-Pacific Air arm expansion
  • Defending operation bases by Paolo Valpolini
  • David Oliver explores Military Maintenance
  • Luca Perruzi reports on ILDSs


In issue 35 you find :

  • Jean-Michel Guhl and the Rafale in combat
  • Piotr Butowski explains the UAV revival in Russia
  • Off-the-shelf airborne surveillance by David Oliver
  • Paolo Valpolini writes about counter-IED technology
  • David Oliver encounters Red Air Support
  • Nikolaï Novichkov discusses KTRV productionEDR Magazine issue 35


In issue 34 you will find :

  • Jean-Michel Guhl discusses GIADS
  • Paolo Valpolini writes about small arms
  • Medium and higher-end frigates from Luca Peruzzi
  • David Oliver with Russian helicopters
  • Night vision – Paolo Valpolini
  • An update of the L-CAT by CNIM by Paolo Valpolini


In issue 33 you will find :

  • Babak Taghvaee reports on the Charles de Gaulle in the Battle of Mosul
  • Jean-Michel Guhl discusses Nato’s current air-to-air missiles
  • European Minnows are reviewed by David Oliver
  • Dmitry Fediushko explores Irkut Corporation’s export fighters
  • Dr Nikolaï Novichkov examines why Russian fighters are in demand globally


In issue 32 you will find :

  • Paolo Valpolini discusses tank ammunition
  • Jean-Michel Guhl reviews shipborne fighters
  • David Oliver’s article “Eyes on Europe”
  • Joseph Roukoz reports on BrahMos developments
  • Underwater Special Forces : by David Oliver

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Don’t miss the IDEX 2017 Supplement :

In issue 31 you will find :

  • Paolo Valpolini reports on 6 x 6 armoured vehicles and mobile mortars
  • Jean-Michel Guhl draws a portrait of the Airbus Caracal
  • Multirole OPVs are covered by Luca Peruzzi
  • David Oliver reviews current multi-role force multipliers
  • Sales of BrahMos missiles : by Nicolai Novichkov

In issue 30 you will find :

  • Jean-Michel Guhl discusses European mobile Shorads
  • Transparent armour from Paolo Valpolini
  • Naval Helicopters : by Andrew Drwiega
  • Mark Chassillan reports on MBTs in Syria and Yemen
  • France chooses the HK 416 to replace the FAMAS : by Jean-Pierre Husson

In issue 29 you will find :

  • Jean-Michel Guhl investigates the on-going rush for SSKs
  • David Oliver examines sea-borne drones
  • Small- and large-calibre ship-based guns : by Luca Peruzzi
  • Paolo Valpolini reports on artillery and guided rounds,
    as well as providing a review of the Czech Republic becoming
    one of the key players in the small arms arena

In issue 28 you will find :

  • European Intelligence across borders; by Joseph Roukoz
  • Jean-Michel Guhl reviews Arrowheads and Stingrays
  • David Oliver discusses Coges expanding its worldwide footprint
  • The FusionSight project at Eurosatory
  • Andrew Drwiega reports on Kruk Helos and Polish MoD
  • Under-barrel grenade launchers are covered by P. Valpolini
  • European Trainer options are reviewed by David Oliver



In issue 27 you will find :

  • Paolo Valpolini discusses the first 5th generation missile, the MMP
  • David Oliver visits France’s desert outpost in Djibouti
  • Active armour by Paolo Valpolini
  • Andrew Drwiega reports on European helicopters
  • François Prins reviews night vision systems
  • Mine hunters in the Baltic are covered by David Oliver
  • Jean-Michel Guhl brings modern tanker aircraft into view

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Issue 27 includes the Eurosatory Supplement :

Esat sup cover sml

In issue 26 you will find :

  • Blank – editorial by Joseph Roukoz
  • Paolo Valpolini explores support weapons
  • Targeting ISIS with David Oliver
  • Small Arms by Paolo Valpolini
  • The EDR Staff rates industry expositions
  • Light and Medium Mortar weapons
  • CAE opens its simulation and training centre in Brunei
  • An inside look at Nexter Ammunition

No 26 cover small


In issue 25 you will find :

  • 2015 no more – editorial by Joseph Roukoz
  • EDR talks with the CEO of Airbus
  • UK military flying training systems discussed by David Oliver
  • Gliding bombs are exposed by Eric H. Biass
  • Paolo Valpolini brings the latest in remote-control weapon mounts
  • David Oliver reviews the UK’s 2015 strategic security and defence posture
  • Warhead technology is covered by Paolo Valpolini
  • Journalist John Rize discusses using combat helicopters as an effective counter-terrorism asset

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In issue 24 you will find :

  • Europe’s key roll in the Middle East – editorial by Joseph Roukoz
  • David Oliver discusses maritime patrol rotorcraft
  • Air-to-ground missiles from Roy Braybrook
  • An article on remote surveillance from David Oliver
  • European shotguns is covered by Jean-Pierre Husson
  • Christina Mackenzie reports on the divide between security and defence

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In issue 23 you will find :

  • Greece and a new European solidarity pact – editorial by Joseph Roukoz
  • François Prins on the topic of Body Protection
  • Paolo Valpolini asks : What Future for Mine Protected Vehicles ?
  • Grenade Launchers and their Ammunition is covered by Jean-Pierre Husson
  • Christina Mackenzie investigates the new British Government’s take on defence


In issue 22 you will find :

  • François Prins discusses the continued role of the MBT
  • The Year of the Rafale is presented  by Eric Biass
  • David Oliver covers maritime reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft
  • Eric Biass reports on a trip with Denel Munition and Rheinmetall to Cape Town


In issue 21 you will find :

  • Congratulations Obama, you preside over Europe (Editorial) by Joseph Roukoz
  • Jean-Michel Guhl discusses attack helicopters and their weapons
  • François Prins provides insight into military air transportation options
  • Killer Drones, written by David Oliver, unveils some of today’s frontline UAVs
  • Linking Data is a quick look at datalinks and LVTs
  • David Oliver’s treatise on why Colombia is winning the war
  • Jean-Pierre Husson field-strips the Lightweight Medium Machine Gun (LMMG)

Couvert 21


Issue 20 contains :

  • Recovering France to Build a Better Europe (Editorial) by Joseph Roukoz
  • Total Air Defence in the 21st Century ? from Jean-Michel Guhl
  • David Oliver reports on Air Power Projection
  • Andrew White delivers an article on Attack Submarines
  • Light Moves, from François Prins, discusses light armoured vehicles
  • Jean-Pierre Husson brings an in-depth view of the LSAT Programme
  • Maritime Piracy is covered by Mélanie Bernard-Crozat