Inside EDGE

In late February 2024 EDR On-Line was invited, alongside a few other defence media, to visit the EDGE premises to get a better view of the activities of the United Arab Emirates leading defence group.

In four days, it was possible to visit only part of the over 30 entities that form EDGE, however the tour allowed to gain insight in the various companies’ production facilities, planned improvements, as well as deepening the knowledge in some of their key products.

It also allowed to discover some of the EDGE entities which activities or products are not starring at major exhibitions, but which are key for supporting Group activities.

The last day, dedicated to interviews with the group top management, allowed to get a view of the direction this increasingly important player in the defence world is taking, awaiting to see further acquisitions and new products emerge in the coming future.

Here are the first articles based on the information gathered during the four days in Abu Dhabi. More to come.

EDGE: a view from the top

EPI: the group precision manufacturing factory

Halcon, the group missile house

Electro-Optic Centre of Excellence: starting MRO, aiming at design and development

OryxLabs: providing cybersecurity from internet threats

Caracal, small arms from the UAE

Remaya X-Range developing offshore Abu Dhabi

LIF: from Learning comes Innovation

ADSB, the EDGE arm in the naval domain

Al Tariq modular precision-guided munitions in continuous evolution