Exhibition Ratings

Classification of the Fairs and Exhibitions in the Defense and Security fields for 2015

Compiled by the European Security and Defence Press Association

Fairs and Exhibitions in the Defense and Security fields are no stranger to the global economic crisis and budget shortages in the industry.

Whereas the industry has counted on international events to leverage their communication tools and develop new businesses in the past, the constant development of Defense and Security exhibitions makes it impossible for companies to tell the difference. They usually make a choice based on two types of events: The sector-specific exhibitions (only concerning certain types of product classification – this is particularly attractive for SME’s); and the major international shows, like Eurosatory, IDEX, or DSEI, because of their international visibility, quality of service and delegations.

Analyzing the attendance in an exhibition also tells much about the reality of the market. Actors like Turkey, the UAE, and some countries from the Asian continent reveal that the market has changed, and is now dominated by countries with lighter regulations. This allows them to sell and produce easily and conquer markets with better prices than the once dominating European countries in the field.

This reality has a direct result on the exhibitions “market” that needs to adapt to the new financial reality of companies, and propose more innovative and fitted services at every edition to survive tough competition. The most important outcome for a successful exhibition is a foreseeable return on investment for Exhibitors.

Below is our brief review of some of the exhibitions we visited in 2015. Our opinion is based on the overall impression we had on matters of quality, attendance, and the presence of local and international media to cover them.

✳✳✳✳ Le Bourget Air Show – Paris (France)

15-21 June 2015

The world’s leading air show that is still up to its prime reputation. This edition has confirmed that exhibitors on the Paris Air show come mostly from the civil sectors, even though live demonstrations are mainly military.

Many international delegations and visitors were present at the exhibition during the whole week.

Two difficulties remain: the difficult accessibility of the venue that makes it almost unreachable, either by public transportation or by car, and the complications of having a logistic attendance when required.

✳✳✳ Aero India – Bangalore (INDIA)

18-22 Feb 2015

One of the key Exhibitions in the region for Aeronautics. Although the general organization and services are in progress (registration process, badge edition) and benefit from a satisfactory price-quality ratio, the number of Exhibitors and visitors have slightly decreased, including the international press. The main attending delegations were mostly regional.

✳✳✳ DSEI –London (UK)

15-18 September 2015

This exhibition promotes itself as a tri-service event, but despite a few exhibited vessels, remains mainly Land oriented. Many international companies were represented during the last edition, even if we noted a certain decrease in the global number of exhibitors and official delegations compared to the last edition. The organization was satisfactory, but national pavilions were smaller than in previous editions. The press lacked of international coverage and the total cost of participation remains quite high.

✳✳✳ AUSA Washington, DC (USA)

12-14 October 2015

This exhibition is dedicated to the US Land Forces. Despite the limited presence of international companies, international delegations did visit the exhibition. The press was notably present. Every attending could benefit from the decent organization of the Exhibition and easy access within the venue.

The price of the exhibition is fair given the quality of the organization.

✳✳✳ LAAD – Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

14-17 April 2015

One of the most important exhibitions in the region, dedicated to Land forces (Defense and Security) with an important participation of international exhibitors. Most delegations were from the Latin American region, and notably, from African countries.

However, the exhibition suffers from a limited evolution of Exhibitor numbers, mainly because Brazil is a difficult country to make business in, and has recently suffered from an economic recession and corruption scandals. The Media Center was well organized with many local press representatives and a limited number of international Medias. The organization is in progress, but still suffers from the difficult accessibility of the venue.

✳✳✳ Maks – Moscow (Russia)

25-30 August 2015

Theoretically, a Russian “international” air show. However, the exhibitors were mainly Russian, with a remarkable presence of companies from the former USSR bloc, reselling old or renovated Russian products. This could be due to the difficult political context and western sanctions against Russia, which makes it difficult for international companies to develop business.

The organization was a little better this year. The international press was very well welcomed. This Exhibition has a big potential to evolve in the coming years provided the political context allows it.

✳✳ Milipol – Paris -(France)

17-20 November 2015

Despite the tragic terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris last November and the few cancelations that followed, this key security event has succeeded in conserving its overall quality. Many international exhibitors and delegations still managed to attend the exhibition. The press center was convenient, but it lacked of journalists.

The organization was globally worthy, and its services, quality and prices were reasonable.

✳✳ EXPODEFENSA –Bogota (Colombia)

30 November-2 December 2015

This young Latin American exhibition was for the first time co-organized by COGES, the organizer of Eurosatory, the world’s leading Land and Air-land defense and security event. This specificity gave the exhibition a real international visibility, with an important number of international exhibitors attending. Regional and international delegations also followed the flow. Local and regional press was present, but it lacked of international coverage. The quality of organization and services of the exhibition gives it a high potential of evolution in the coming years.

✳✳ IMDEX– (Singapore)

19-21 May, 2015

IMDEX is a Marine specialized exhibition, with an average international exhibitor coverage from companies and very limited evolutions. An important presence of delegations has however been reported and the exhibition was very well organized.

Notable efforts were put in place to facilitate the work of journalists, including a press center, a guided visit of exhibited vessels.

The exhibition fees rates are a little over the average given the size and evolution of the Exhibition.

✳✳ IDEX – Abu Dhabi (UAE)

22-26 Feb 2015

The only international level Exhibition dedicated to Land, Marine (Navdex) and unmanned systems (UMEX) in the Middle East. With Exhibitors, visitors and delegations attending from all over the world, the Exhibition has definitely become the number 1 exhibition in the region and one of the most important in the world.

However, and despite its international pressroom, international journalists were less mobilized than expected for this last edition.

In addition, the global organization level of the exhibition was not as optimal as expected this year given its excessive participation price.

✳✳ Dubai Air Show Dubai (UAE)

8-12 November, 2015

The only air show in the Middle East for military and civil sectors. International companies have decreased over the past few editions, including because of its new location (45 to 1 hour drive). Delegations were mostly regional and Asian. International press was limited but the local press was present and benefited from a very acceptable press center. The general organization was average, especially for logistic aspects (badges were only made available on the day of the opening, which caused a lot of traffic at the entrance.) The participation rates are a bit too high given the global result.