German procurement of MBDA’s Brimstone strengthens European industrial co-operation

05/07/2024  – MBDA has received a contract from Germany to manufacture and supply Brimstone 3 precision strike missiles for the Bundeswehr’s Eurofighter combat aircraft. A final assembly line and a service centre for Brimstone will be set up at MBDA’s Schrobenhausen site for this purpose.

Eric Béranger, Chief Executive Officer of MBDA said: “The procurement of Brimstone 3 by Germany is a decisive contribution to the harmonisation of armaments in Europe and the Bundeswehr’s ammunition stockpile. The new production line is the first of its kind outside the UK and demonstrates the value of the MBDA cooperation model in ensuring the sovereign supply of critical European defence capabilities.”

Brimstone 3 is a tactical precision strike missile characterised by very high levels of combat-proven accuracy, effectiveness and reliability. Brimstone 3 enables the forces to hit stationary and fast-moving targets with pinpoint accuracy in all weathers. Brimstone is also being integrated onto unmanned aerial vehicles such as the Eurodrone and MQ-9B and is a suitable armament option for land vehicles, helicopters and heavy remote carriers.

Image courtesy MBDA