HGH Group Unveils GAIA Air, a new AI detection algorithm for Passive Air Defense at Eurosatory 2024

June 17th 2024, Paris Nord Villepinte, France – At Eurosatory 2024, the HGH Group unveils the latest innovation in their SPYNEL 360° thermal surveillance solution: the revolutionary GAIA Artificial Intelligence module now optimized for Ground-Based Air Defense (GBAD).

Since its creation in 1982, HGH has been an expert in infrared technology, establishing itself as a global leader in electro-optical innovation. Committed to continuous advancement, HGH introduces the cutting-edge GAIA Artificial Intelligence algorithm, now seamlessly integrated with the CYCLOPE video analytics software for superior threat detection, tracking, and identification.

The advanced GAIA Artificial Intelligence processing offers unprecedented capabilities in the automatic detection and classification of threats within panoramic thermal images over long distances and a diverse range of targets. The CYCLOPE software utilizes A.I. for automatic classification of threats, recognizing object shapes from just a few pixels to very large targets. This innovation drastically reduces false alarms and enhances rapid response.

Further, the GAIA Artificial Intelligence is powered by the I2Q™ image processing library, guaranteeing exceptional day/night image quality regardless of environmental conditions. The I2Q™ image processing suite includes specialized algorithms that improve operator experience, such as sun glint reduction, smart denoising, and local contrast enhancement.

While GAIA Land and GAIA Sea have already won over several clients for maritime and land applications, HGH announces today the release of GAIA Air. GAIA Artificial Intelligence now offers robust capabilities for ground-based air surveillance, ensuring improved and earlier detection of air threats.

”In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and increasing military tensions, monitoring the skies – without being detected by the enemy – has never been more critical. Effective ground-based air defense in extended combat zones requires the mastery of detecting very fast, low-altitude targets as early as possible. This is what we offer with SPYNEL, CYCLOPE and GAIA Air.” announces Cyril Marchebout, Sales Director at HGH.

As thousands of visitors arrive at this prestigious defense tradeshow, the HGH Group is set to showcase this groundbreaking innovation. Visit booth F268, Hall 6, for more information.

Image courtesy HGH Group