L3Harris CORVUS-RAVEN: Interoperable, portable and networkable counter-small UAS

Rapidly detect and defeat small uncrewed aircraft system threats across the modern battlespace.

Drones and small uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS) are the most ubiquitous they have ever been. Compact, lightweight and easy to control, drones are increasingly employed by both commercial and military organisations. In today’s highly contested electromagnetic environment, it is essential to be able to rapidly detect, locate, classify and defeat sUAS threats before they are able to cause harm.

L3Harris Technologies’ CORVUS-RAVEN tactical counter-small UAS capability offers rapid detection and indication of drone threats to inform proportionate defeat. With passive detect up to 4 kilometres and visual display of bearing to battle management applications such as ATAK, this lightweight and highly portable solution is ideally placed to address counter-sUAS challenges on the battlefield.

Image courtesy L3Harris