Nexter, the leading French actor in the armoured vehicles field, was showing in the demonstration area its Titus, equipped with an ARX20 remotely controlled turret, eight situational awareness cameras, two Nerva UGVs and a tethered drone. Capability and technological innovations are high on the company agenda, as they come as effectiveness multipliers in many missions. Teleoperation is another topic on which Nexter is investing. According to Nexter using a tethered drone flying 100 meters above the vehicle allows the optronic sensor to see at 10 km distance, providing full awareness on what happens in the surroundings. As for UGVs, one of the concepts under development is that of an NBC reconnaissance vehicle that will remain out of the contaminated area while robots fitted with sensors would be deployed in the potentially dangerous area to collect samples that are then brought back to the mother-vehicle for analysis, when data cannot be provided by data link.

Beside the FindMP, the mission planning tool that can be used as a digital sandbox as well as a tactical analysis system. It can display the terrain both in 2-D and 3-D, facilitating terrain analysis. Once the planning is complete, it can be transferred to the Finders C2 command and control system that then transmit the relevant packages to the operational units on the field.

With 19% of its revenues invested in R&D, Nexter was showing the latest iteration of its power generation system for infantry. A 240 x 105 x 108 mm box weighing 1.8 kg without the hydrogen cartridge, the Teya portable power generator comes with a hydrogen generator the size of a thermos flask ; it is sufficient to fill it with water or even with urine, adding silicon powder, connect it to the generator, and Teya starts producing electricity thanks to the fuel cell, provided by Pragma Industries. Nominal power is 20W, peak power being the double, while output voltage is 12 or 24 V, with respective maximum currents of 3.3 or 1.6 A. Startup is instantaneous, negligible thermal and acoustic signatures being generated. A tactical transport solution for the whole kit is being developed.