Software being the core of most systems used in Defence, its reliability is directly linked to the reliability of the whole system, software bugs having sometimes catastrophic consequences even when redundancy is applied.

The four-man team forming the core of Numalis, a seven-people company that earned the Generate label, developed a testing software that avoids calculation drift, starting from the test phase. If testing of a software fails, this usually brings the programme four to six months back and costs a huge amount of money. Thus Spoat was designed to correct bugs during conception, before testing, a sort of spellchecker that runs in real time and detects bugs in less than two milliseconds, proposing solutions to correct them. But this is not the only product developed by Numalis wizards, the other being Wizoat, which is used to optimise source codes in order to increase the convergence speed of algorithms by improving their accuracy. Numalis products can have a considerable impact on many defence systems, from a C2 system provided to the infantryman to much more complex systems in the aviation, missile and space defence industry.