Saab’s Swordfish and Global Eye

By David Oliver

In response to Asia Pacific’s aspirations for maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) the Saab Group is marketing its multirole Swordfish based on the twinjet Global 6000.

The G6000 Swordfish will be equipped with AEASA 360 degree multi-mode radars, HD EO/IR sensors with integrated laser payload. It can carry underwing lightweight torpedoes and pods for SAR equipment and can patrol for 8.5 hours at 5,000ft plus a 1,000 nautical mile transit. Internally it can carry more sonobuoys than any other MPA and Saab claims that it has a 70 percent larger detection area, can detect low-flying helicopters and is jam resistant.

SAAB Swordfish
SAAB Swordfish ©SAAB

It will be capable of conducting airborne early warning (AEW), intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) and SIGINT missions in addition to its maritime roles of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW). Due to its close relationship with Thailand, Saab is confident that the Swordfish could be adopted as the Royal Thai Navy’s principal MPA while the company is targeting the Philippines Horizon Programme and is in negotiations with Singapore and New Zealand for their MPA requirements.