Survitec unveils Drysuits for Amphibious Military Operations, seamlessly tailored for a bespoke fit

7 September 2023 – Survitec has unveiled a new range of drysuits with unique features designed to meet the rigorous demands of special forces operations, specialist military units, general and tri-forces operating globally.

Seamlessly tailored to meet these specific operations, the SeaRescue range, developed by world-leading suit manufacturer and Survitec brand Hansen Protection, has a seat seam-free design protecting and reinforcing the fabric’s interior and exterior to minimise wear and tear.

Scott Tonks, Product Category Manager, Survitec, said: “During maritime interdiction and other related operations, the operator will spend a lot of time sitting in a boat, often in rough, demanding weather, putting excessive stress on the seat of the suit.

“Through our unique design, precision cutting and tailoring of the fabric, we can eliminate the seam on the seat of the suit, significantly improving comfort, reducing wear and tear, and ultimately leading to longer operational life and a reduced through-life cost for our customers.

The ‘telescopic’ waistband is also unique to the new Survitec military dry suits. “Because these suits get shared among groups of people, they cannot be tailored to every individual sizing need,” said Tonks.

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“To address this, we have incorporated a ‘telescopic torso,’ which allows the suit to extend up and down to fit a gamut of body shapes and sizes. Having excess material in the waist means there is greater freedom of movement. For example, the wearer can reach more dynamically with their arms and upper torso.

Zips can be either in the front or the rear, depending on the user’s preference. For example, it is crucial to prevent pressure points where close-fitting body armour will be worn over the suit. The design concept extends the life of the garment and significantly improves operator effectivity. 

Survitec has already taken approximately 1,000 orders for the new range of drysuits from existing European military customers.

“Designed by military professionals for military professionals. The hands-on experience of veteran military personnel employed by Survitec means these products are based on user input and the real-life experiences of our development team.”

This includes tailoring and sizing to improve freedom of movement and reduce excess material, reinforcement patches, expandable thigh pockets, and highly breathable fire-retardant material meeting the fire requirement EN 469:2020.

“Whether our customers operate in highly elite special forces groups or search and rescue operations, we have a suit designed and developed for their specific needs. Whilst safety is paramount to all we do, their chosen suit must be operationally effective, comfortable, and competitively priced, which will be the key purchasing drivers for our customers.”

“We already have a dry and immersion suit range in the commercial marine space for shipping and offshore platforms. We’ve been able to adapt this technology to meet the specific needs of the military with its wide range of anticipated uses and operations in mind.

“We also worked with our Crewsaver colleagues to ensure this suit range is compatible with the complementary MarOps lifejackets launched in March 2023,” concluded Tonks.

To be introduced at the DSEI 2023 event held in London, the new range includes three options: SeaRescue Tactical (which includes lightweight alternatives) is designed for special forces and covert missions. SeaRescue III represents a versatile tactical suit built for challenging and rugged terrains, while SeaRescue Responder is tailored for enhanced mobility in dangerous aquatic environments.

Photos courtesy Survitec