Vedecom is a French institute for public-private partnership research and training dedicated to individual, carbon-free and sustainable mobility. Among the various fields of research, Vedecom is fully engaged in the research on self-driving vehicles, taking also in consideration the robustness of architectures as well as new secured communications and cooperative safety.

At Satory it was possible to take a ride on board a self-driven and electrically powered car, Lidar, radar and high resolution GPS being the main sensors used to allow the car to follow the programmed path, the mission being monitored by a remote console. The electronic and electric vehicle’s architecture was provided by FAAR – Pronergy, also present at Satory. While Vedecom and its partners have a clear interest in the commercial market, they consider that some technological bricks can be of use also in the defence world, such as electric motors, battery loading and health monitoring systems, among others.