Operational innovation to face today and tomorrow threats

The ONERA and DGA work for innovation

by Paolo Valpolini

Innovating is a multi-faceted word that includes numerous aspects; when applied to defence, or more precisely to land defence, this does not change. What influences innovation ranges from scientific research, to technological research, to products development, however other aspects must be taken into consideration, from what the potential customers do to orient research and to stimulate innovative approaches, to what industry does to innovate, and how the French State and the GICAT itself support some of the most innovative elements that in the beginning of the XXI century are known as start-ups.

The GICAT, the organisation that includes most French industrial companies working in the land defence business, organised a two-day press trip to show what is done in the hexagon to ensure that tomorrow land defence systems will be at the edge of technology and will answer requirements that are not yet fully clear. The visit included Defence and industry research centres, dealt with the support to start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and was concluded by a demonstration of innovative systems that are in the last phase of development. As it is impossible to synthesize all information in a single article compatible with the average internet-size, a series of articles will be published in this folder to provide the reader with a comprehensive view of what was shown to EDR Magazine in the tour titled “Operational innovation to face today and tomorrow threats”.


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