First DroneSentinel order incorporating RadarZero

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce that ForcePro, one of the Company’s European distributors, has placed an order for the Company’s DroneSentinel product, as well as two DroneGun units.

The DroneSentinel version ordered by the distributor is in a light radar/radio frequency detection sensor configuration. The radar used in this version of the product is RadarZero, the portable and miniaturised radar rolled out by the Company earlier this month. The size and price point position RadarZero well for the civilian markets, while its functionality and specifications also make it appropriate for the military customers.

This is the first order for the DroneSentinel product since its recent roll-out.

This is also the first order for the Company’s product incorporating RadarZero, a revolutionary compact radar roughly the size of a paperback book. The order comes within weeks of the Company having launched RadarZero.

The purchase of the DroneGuns is subject to approval by local authorities.

The order totals approximately A$210,000. The products purchased by ForcePro will be used to set up a DroneShield demonstration hub in the Netherlands, the home of the NATO Joint Force Headquarters, where there has been significant interest in counter-drone products across a number of domestic Dutch and international customers.

The order comes against the backdrop of a helicopter crash, reported by the pilot to have been caused by a drone, in South Carolina, USA. This is the first reported helicopter crash caused by a drone, and the first reported drone-related civilian aircraft crash in the United States.

In turn, that crash comes just days after the Transportation Safety Board of Canada released a report on a collision in Quebec involving a drone and a charter plane, and in a separate incident, a drone was reported to have collided with an air-tour helicopter in Hawaii.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield’s Chief Executive Officer, said “We are delighted for a European demonstration hub for our products to have been established in one of the key NATO countries. Governmental end-users, both military and civil, throughout Europe, are currently largely helpless against the threat of intentional or unintentional drone misuse. As the density of the drone “population” has increased dramatically, the frequency and the severity of incidents have gone up. As a result, governmental end-users have now recognised the need to have tools at their disposal to detect and mitigate drones.

The Dutch demonstration hub will enable European end-users to swiftly and efficiently observe the Company’s products in action, before making purchase commitments or seeking budgetary allocations from their governing bodies for purchase commitments.”