► Internest and Musthane have agreed to cooperate on a secure landing solution for drones and helicopters

Paris, February 17th, 2020 – This announcement follows the acquisition of a minority equity stake in Internest by Musthane shareholders.

The shared objective of the two companies is to provide helicopter pilots with an easy-to-use, robust and compact solution to ensure safe landings in difficult conditions. Out-of-area operations may require pilots to fly in a degraded visual environment (DVE) where the risks of accidents are high. For example, brownouts caused more than 50 accidents in the course of U.S. military operations between 2001 and 2007.

The purpose of the partnership is to create mobile landing areas that can accommodate rotary wing drones and helicopters in environments that stretch the limits of machines for increasingly complex operations. Leveraging experience from the Must move solution, Musthane and Internest have decided to address this problem together by combining the advantages of a very lightweight landing mat with the technological potential offered by Internest. This combination allows pilots to fly zero-risk approaches with centimeter-level accuracy.

The solution developed by Internest allows drones to land in a safe and autonomous manner in difficult environments (GPS blackout, adverse weather, mobile platforms on land and at sea). Thus, medical delivery operations (vaccines, blood bags, medicines), industrial inspections (offshore wind farm) or military operations are rendered more reliable and straightforward. The distinguishing feature of the solution derives from the company’s expertise in ultrasonic technology and sensor fusion. “With this partnership we are pursuing our strategic objective: to ensure the safety of critical phases of rotary wing drone and helicopter operations as they carry out increasingly critical missions,” declared Nicolas Sczaniecki, co-founder and CEO of Internest.

This cooperation was made possible through the French industry association GICAT, which brought two of its members into contact in order to meet one of the challenges raised by air-land operations.

“The partnership between Musthane, an SME with a strong export presence and the young startup Internest, which joined GICAT after going through the Generate accelerator program, clearly illustrates the potential for synergies between GICAT members.” François Mattens, co-founder of the Generate by GICAT program.