► Rafael at Euronaval Online 2020

Tel Aviv, October 19, 2020 – Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is participating in Euronaval Online show 2020, October 19 – 25, and presenting its unique 360° multi-layered suite of maritime defense solutions.

Based upon years of experience and deep operational know-how in various naval arenas and scenarios, and integrating combat-proven technologies in all domains, we maintain our efforts in bringing leading technologies and solutions to provide naval forces defense superiority against all modern naval threats above and below the waves, such as naval area defense, swarm attack defense, and torpedo defense.

Our unique portfolio of naval systems enable various possible combinations of deployment fully tailored to your requirements.

Given the current exhibition platform, we will hold a virtual booth at the show and request to meet with you and your team in a video conference format.

Rafael’s virtual booth will focus on the following solutions:

Naval Remote Weapon Station C-UAS

TYPHOON C-UAS Naval Remote Weapon Station – The NRWS C-UAS capitalizes on Rafael’s world-renowned, long-standing Typhoon family of combat-proven naval defence solutions. The NRWS C-UAS incorporates a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors that translate to very high hit accuracies. These include Automatic Target Recognition, Classification and Tracking (ATR) capabilities. The NRWS C-UAS is a new class of anti-drone solutions, whose capabilities single it out from other NRWS.

Missile Systems:

Naval SPIKE – The maritime version of the SPIKE missile, including:

Naval SPIKE ER, electro-optical, guided missile which comprises a lightweight, compact and stabilized turret with four missiles on the mount, together with a fire control system for effective ranges of up to 8 km. The system enables very fast sensor-to-shooter loop closure in day/night defensive and offensive scenarios, thereby ensuring mission success with surgical precision.

Naval SPIKE NLOSThis compact system enables stand-off of up to 25 km ‒ with pinpoint accuracy, providing sea-to-shore fire support or sea-to-sea targeting, on a wide range of naval platforms. Allowing maximum operational flexibility, the Naval SPIKE NLOS capabilities include real-time tactical intelligence gathering, in-flight target switching and mission abort, and can be integrated with the ship’s own C2 systems.

Electronic Warfare:


Rafael’s naval EW solutions support all EW related tasks of the modern naval combat vessel. Covering situational awareness and Electronic Intelligence over the entire EM spectrum

Electronic Protection via on-board, off-board ECM and decoys, and Electronic Attack, Rafael provides a comprehensive and integrated EW solution. Assisted by AI algorithms, such solutions enable automatic or minimum man-in the-loop operation of all EW tasks on board the combat vessel.

C-GEM™ was designed to deceive the most advanced seekers of modern Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM). Modern coherent radar seekers employ Chaff and Corner Reflector discrimination algorithms, mostly based on range/Doppler analysis of the targets. The C-GEM™ rocket is launched from the combat vessel and generates a legitimate and attractive target within seconds from detection of the ASM. The C-GEM™ rocket can be integrated into any decoy launching system, installed or planned to by installed on a combat vessel. 

SEWS-DV™ incorporates state-of-the-art technologies such as C-PEARL-DV™ digital wide-band, multi-bit receivers that directly sample RF and automatically analyze radar signals. Integrated with the C-PEARL-DV is Digital-Shark Digital RF memory ECM which incorporates Solid-State Array Transmitters (SSAT) with Gallium Nitride (GaN) based amplifiers, which achieves exceptional reliability, high Effective Radiated Power (ERP) and enables simultaneous handling of multiple ASM threats over the 6-40GHz frequency band.


TORBUSTER  – a 4th generation decoy combining both soft- and hard-kill capabilities, forming a part of a comprehensive self-defense solution against all types of acoustic homing torpedoes, to protects both submarines and surface vessels in deep and shallow waters. Torbuster  is the first operational active operational hard-kill torpedo defense counter-measure.

Photos courtesy Rafael