► SIA solidifies its commercial capabilities with the acquisition of the German cybersecurity company MSS

Madrid, June 17th, 2021 – SIA, an Indra company, has acquired the German cybersecurity company MSS, highly specialized in detecting and responding to cyberattacks.

The operation enables SIA to strengthen its options for the marketing of its portfolio of specialized services and solutions throughout Europe, covering three key areas: Digital Risk, Cybersecurity Services & Solutions and Digital Identity & Signature. At the same time, it provides for improved cross-selling potential and new sales opportunities for MSS customers (German and global entities), thanks to a product offering with strong added value.

In addition, with this acquisition, SIA increases its capacity to support the German customers of the Indra Group and expands its network of Security Operations Centers (SOC) with the one that MMS has in the German city of Mainz, enabling SIA to provide better protection to its customers’ key operations worldwide. This center joins SIA’s network of SOCs in Madrid, Mexico City and Bogota, where SIA supervises the security of different governments and some of the largest companies in Europe.

MSS will continue strengthening the values that has made it a stand-out company (flexibility, customer orientation and specialization), now working alongside SIA. SIA has the broadest portfolio of services and solutions in the market to solve the challenges that digital transformation poses to organizations. The managed cybersecurity services that SIA provides from its network of SOCs make up a key part of the comprehensive strategies it defines in collaboration with its customers to ensure their business sustainability and success.