► Survitec acquires the Inflatable Wall Company (IWC)

26 Octobher 2020 – Survitec, leading global supplier of safety and survival solutions, is pleased to announce the completion of its acquisition of the Inflatable Wall Company (IWC). The acquisition includes the transfer of all IWC products, services, and systems. Survitec had previously been manufacturing and selling the Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS), a unique and modular training experience for military and law enforcement, under license from IWC. The acquisition improves Survitec’s training equipment capability and will help further establish valuable customer relationships in the military, law enforcement, rescue services and simulation training sectors. 

Martin Whittaker, Defence & Aerospace CEO “We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of the Inflatable Wall Company. This not only helps to enhance the tactical training portfolio we can offer to our customers, but also creates an avenue for sustainable growth for our business. We’re proud to manufacture the IWTS and understand the value it adds to simulated training systems for global militaries, law enforcement and rescue services”.

IWTS is a rapidly deployable and fully scalable system that can be used to create immersive and realistic Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training environments – anywhere, anytime – providing crucial training to continue during a global pandemic.  This innovative system helps to enhance performance and survivability by improving situational awareness and boosting confidence. The system is tested and approved for use with Simunition, non-lethal training ammunition, and is available as a standard or bespoke package.