► The ELT Group continues its expansion with the 100% acquisition of ELTHUB

This latest development enhances the position of the group within the Space and Electro-Optics sectors

29 May 2024 – Elettronica SpA, a company that is now known in the market under the brand name of ELT Group, acquires 100 per cent of ELTHUB, of which it already owned 70 per cent and which already works within the Group in the division called New Tech Lab.

The acquisition which has just been concluded aims to give a new impetus to the production site located in Abruzzo, and  has been contributing to the ELT Group’s Research and Innovation activities for the last two years.

With a value proposition already strongly oriented towards the Research and Development of innovative solutions in the defence and security fields, ELTHUB has already brought to the Group expertise in the microelectronics and biodefence sectors and a track record in the space sector, where it has been working for many years on microsatellites for military and civil experiments. The company has also developed innovative product lines in terms of sustainability, such as hydroponic technologies for military and civil use also food 3D printers. The company also has assets such as microelectronics laboratories, a clean room certified up to class 10 (ISO 4), and a machine shop with rapid prototyping capability.

The acquisition is part of the Group’s growth plan with the aim of creating a true centre of competence in Abruzzo in the Space EW and Land segments, in addition to its current business lines. Further impetus will be given to the research, development and production of EW systems for Space and Land through a line of products related to Electro-Optics, C-IEDs (Counter Improvised Explosive Devices) and anti-drone systems, which represent a strategic enabler in the field of security and protection. The expected aim is to double the turnover and personnel of this subsidiary within the next three years. 

“This operation – states CEO and Chairman Enzo Benigni –  is part of the trajectory of the Tenet 2030 strategic plan, which is redesigning the perimeters and ambitions of the company, particularly in the Land segment, with renewed C-IED countermeasures systems and C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Aerial System) anti-drone systems, and Space, where the company has been working over the last three years on the spatialisation of the portfolio of EW, electronic intelligence and jammer systems, having already taken an EW payload into LEO orbit in 2023. The Land and Space segments represent a challenging frontier for the military and civil sectors, to which we dedicate investment and research, creating today a centre of competence in Abruzzo for new and traditional businesses, generating value and growth.