Terma launches new cybersecurity capabilities for Scanter Radars

29 May 2024 – Terma, a global leader in radar technology, proudly announces the launch of its latest product suite advancement, a range of cybersecurity capabilities tailored specifically for the renowned SCANTER radar series. This breakthrough offering reinforces Terma’s commitment to ensuring security and reliability for its customers’ radar sites.
Terma’s new cybersecurity capabilities are designed to strengthen the resilience of SCANTER radars, providing comprehensive protection against cyber threats. Accessible to both existing and new radar customers, these new capabilities offer seamless integration into the customers’ existing cybersecurity infrastructure, supplementing the integrity of customers’ operations.

Centered around robust development, verification, and hardening processes, Terma’s cybersecurity capabilities offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to bolster defenses against evolving threats in radar infrastructure, establishing a resilient and trustworthy defense mechanism. Moreover, Terma’s sophisticated monitoring setup enables swift identification and rectification of software vulnerabilities. Including features such as authenticated and encrypted communication and logging of suspicious activities, the capabilities empower rapid response and mitigation strategies. 

“We are thrilled to unveil our latest cybersecurity capabilities tailored to SCANTER radars,” says Mads Ulrik Kristoffersen, Product Director, Radar & Hardware Systems at Terma. “With cyber threats on the rise, it’s imperative for organizations to adopt proactive measures to safeguard their assets. This addition to our already very strong SCANTER solutions not only enhances the resilience of SCANTER radars but also offers peace of mind to our valued customers.”

Terma’s new cybersecurity capabilities for SCANTER radars are ready for deployment now.

Image courtesy Terma