► The latest addition to the Rheinmetall Mission Master UGV family on display for the first time at DSEI 2019

10 September 2019 – At Defence & Security Equipment International 2019 in London from 10 to 13 September, Rheinmetall will be exhibiting its indefatigable Mission Master Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which is profoundly transforming the traditional warfare paradigm. This will mark the official market launch of the newest member of the Mission Master UGV family.

Already known for its incredible autonomous capabilities and all-terrain manoeuvrability, the Rheinmetall Mission Master serves as a force multiplier for infantry sections: it is able to carry a significantly heavier load than a dismounted soldier – or even an entire group of soldiers. Its robust design lets it shoulder over half a ton of supplies, equipment and materials, assuring that troops remain agile, while simultaneously quickening the pace of operations. Most importantly, the Mission Master keeps crews off the road and away from hostile and contested areas.

Autonomous systems to boost resupply capabilities

Safeguarding dismounted soldiers is not an easy task. Resupplying frontline units can be quite challenging, especially in complex environments. Whether the task at hand is to carry ammunition, specialized equipment, fuel or rations, resupply missions pose a burdensome risk to military personnel, especially during last mile resupply. The zone close to the front line often harbours numerous threats, including improvised explosive devices (IEDs), sniper fire and even enemy ambushes aimed at hindering friendly resupply operations.

This is where unmanned systems come into play. And not just any robotic system, since soldiers need a strong partner that can autonomously plan its own route, avoid obstacles, and re-plan as necessary, with the ability to operate off-road in rough terrain and handle a heavy payload of supplies. The Rheinmetall Mission Master – Cargo does all that and more. Moreover, Rheinmetall now offers a new trailer based on the same proven 8×8 platform as a means of multiplying capacity for last mile resupply operations.

This trailer offers plenty of storage space which is as modular as that of the Mission Master itself. In disaster relief operations, this could mean being able to carry more food, safe water, tents, medicine and other emergency supplies. For forward operating bases, this could mean additional electric power such as diesel generators, batteries, or even trailer-integrated solar panels that can be unfolded and deployed as necessary. And last but not least, specialized troops engaged in combat operations could also benefit from this extra storage capacity to reduce their physical burden. For example, navy divers could easily access their special equipment such as a dive boat, diving suit, air compressor, etc. It would be impossible for soldiers to carry all of these items on foot, but the Mission Master can bear the load with ease.

A robust new stabilized weapon system for the Mission Master

At DSEI 2019, Rheinmetall will also be displaying the acclaimed weapon system that was mounted on the Mission Master – Protection at the Ammunition Capability Demo 2019 in South Africa, which clearly impressed the visiting delegations. DSEI visitors will be able to take a close look at the unique Rheinmetall Fieldranger Multi weapon station armed with a 70mm rocket launcher from Thales – the same combination that fired a salvo of 14 rockets in South Africa, delivering 60 kg of explosives in 1.6 seconds.

The Mission Master – Protection UGV can also be mounted with 50mm weapon systems, .50 cal. machine guns and 40mm grenade launchers. Rheinmetall’s weaponized UGV minimizes the risk to friendly forces and substantially boosts the combat power of dismounted troops by providing close fire support.

The integration advantage

Each variant of the Mission Master UGV is already networked to both the Argus soldier system and Rheinmetall Command and Control Software, which can be installed in any user’s battle management system. This integration capacity is a hallmark of Rheinmetall and will be on display at this year’s DSEI.

The rugged, ultraportable Argus soldier system can control the UGV and receive data from a multitude of sensors, delivering mission-critical information straight to soldiers’ tactical user interface. It can also send essential reconnaissance data and operational updates to higher echelons of command via Rheinmetall Command and Control Software.

For more details about how the Mission Master can enhance operational effectiveness, meet our UGV experts on Rheinmetall’s booth #S7-200 at DSEI 2019.