Dear Readers,

as all of you know well the COVID-19 crisis that hit the whole world since last January led, beside the tragic toll of human lives, to a full paralysis of business and travels. This in turn caused the postponement or cancellation of most Defence exhibitions, on which EDR On-Line reports regularly.

For us many of those exhibitions are also the location where we circulate our paper product, EDR Magazine. The current situation has obviously a huge impact on its circulation, as the actual magazine will reach only our subscribers.

While it is always possible to read it from this website, we decided however to provide you with a direct link that will allow straight access by clicking on the image below, hoping that reading our articles will allow those locked down to kill some time when they are not busy with smart working.

This issue was obviously targeted at the two exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur and Berlin; the former has been postponed to late August while the second has been cancelled. We wish meeting again the Defence world in Kuala in around five months time, virus permitting.

For the time being keep safe and healthy


The EDR Editorial Team