A request for quotation has been forwarded to the manufacturers of medium-range GBAD systems

Bern, 30.4.2024 – The Federal Office for Armaments armasuisse has forwarded a request for offers relating to new medium-range ground-based-air defense systems (MR GBAD) to three manufacturing companies. armasuisse awaits offers by mid-July 2024.

«MR GBAD» is a purchase project aimed at the renewal of important anti-aircraft defense systems of the Swiss Army, with the aim of filling an existing gap in terms of safety and capacity. Systems currently in use are nearing the end of their useful life. Furthermore, current Stinger-type and medium air defense systems only have very short ranges, whereas modern fighter aircraft employ their weapons from greater altitudes and distances.

The Federal Armament Office armasuisse has identified three potential suppliers for the new surface-to-air defense systems, which will have to meet military, technical and logistical requirements. On 30 April 2024 armasuisse forwarded the request for quotation for the new MR GBAD to the following manufacturers:

  • Diehl Defense, Germany
  • Kongsberg, Norway / Raytheon, USA
  • MBDA, France

These producers are now invited to submit an offer for a system compliant with the provisions of the tender documentation. These must be systems already effectively in use. On the one hand, the selection of manufacturing companies is based on monitoring the current market. On the other hand, for the choice, higher-level criteria were also considered depending on the supplier’s country of origin, in particular the potential for cooperation in various areas such as education, training and maintenance. The involvement of Swiss industry is particularly important.

The offers must contain, among others, the following elements:

  • data on the supply of medium-range ground-based-air defense systems, including defined logistics and armament;
  • offset projects pursued or already started;
  • indication of prices as a binding starting point for detailed negotiations with a view to purchasing, as well as information for calculating life cycle costs.

Selection in Q3 2024

armasuisse expects to receive offers from manufacturing companies by mid-July 2024. The considerations drawn from the analysis of these offers will be included in the evaluation report. The selection is expected in the third quarter of 2024.

Rapid implementation of the project

The current planning envisages the inclusion of the purchase in the message on the Army 2025. It is therefore a project which, as recommended in the Deloitte report of 20 May 2020, must be implemented quickly. Parliament is currently discussing a proposal from the Security Policy Committee of the Council of States, which suggests making the purchase already with the message on the Army 2024.

Participation in the European Sky Shield Initiative will not be prejudicial to selection

In addition to the technical and military requirements that the future system will have to satisfy, its potential for international cooperation will also be considered. By participating in the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI), Switzerland expands its possibilities for international cooperation: the ESSI allows for better coordination of purchase projects, training and logistical aspects in the surface-to-air defense sector. Participation in this initiative does not, however, prejudge the choice of system – especially since the initiative itself does not affect national competences in the field of procurement – which will instead take place on the basis of the evaluation of the various medium-range surface-to-air defense systems.

Source armasuisse

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photo courtesy Swiss Army