Abrams for Poland – we reinforce the potential of the Polish Armed Forces

05.04.2022 – “It is a very important day in the history of Polish-American cooperation, but also a very important day when it comes to the history of the Polish Armed Forces. An agreement has just been signed, that guarantees the delivery of 250 Abrams tanks in the most modern version for the Polish Army. In July last year, together with Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, here at the headquarters of the 1st Armoured Tadeusz Kościuszko Brigade, a hero of two nations – Polish and American, we announced the decision of the Polish government to purchase Abrams tanks. Today we signed the agreement, so we have finalized that decision” – said Mariusz Błaszczak, the Minister of National Defence.

On Tuesday, April the 5th  this year, in the 1st  Armoured Brigade in Warsaw, the head of the Ministry of National Defence signed an agreement for the purchase of 250 Abrams tanks for the Polish Army. Mark Brzezinski, the US ambassador to Poland, participated in the signing of the agreement.

The agreement provides the purchase of the tanks with accompanying equipment, including 26 maintenance vehicles M88A2 HERCULES and  17 bridges M1074 JOINT ASSAULT BRIDGE, as well as a training and logistics package and ammunition. The value of the order is approximately USD 4.75 billion net.

“The agreement concerns the purchase of 250 Abrams tanks and accompanying technical support vehicles, including bridges, which will be used in the battle groups in which these tanks will operate. The contract also includes a training and logistics package. As a part of the contract, we also bought ammunition in meaningful amount, which significantly reinforce our armed forces. This is a very important reinforcement  of the Polish Armed Forces” – Minister M. Błaszczak noted.

The Abrams tanks in the most modern SEPv3 version will be delivered to units located in the eastern part of Poland, on the Eastern flank of NATO – primarily the 18th Mechanized Division, including the 1st  Armoured Brigade. The first tanks for training will be delivered to the Polish  Land Forces later this year, and deliveries are scheduled to be completed in 2026.

“Abrams tanks will go to the 18th Mechanized Division. The task of these tanks, and the consequence of the fact that the Polish authorities are developing the Polish Army, is to deter a potential aggressor. We all are aware of what is happening beyond our eastern border. Later this year, 28 Abrams tanks from the US Army will be delivered to the Polish Army, so that the training of Polish soldiers can be launched” – said the head of the Ministry of National Defence.

Along with the 3rd generation ABRAMS M1A2 SEPv3 tanks, Poland will also receive a logistics and training package. Simulators will also be purchased. The conditions for sustainment of the tanks will be created in military maintenance workshops. It will be the beginning of the implementation of one of the largest contracts in the history of the Polish Armed Forces.

Minister Błaszczak reminded that the finalization of the agreement for the purchase of Abrams tanks is one of the elements of the modernization and development  of the Polish Army’s potential.

“Polish government constantly reinforces and develops the capabilities of Polish Armed Forces and the Polish Armed Forces. It is enough to say that last year we have spent 2.34 %of our GDP on defence which makes us among the top countries within NATO when comes to the numbers and comes to the those expended drift. The Polish government constantly develops the Polish Armed Forces because only a secured  Poland can develop. This is why we create the new unites to equip them  with the most modern equipment. Very soon the Home’s Defence Act will come to force which will be a foundation for the Polish Armed Forces to be increased in numbers and equipped with the most modern equipment. I would like very much to thank Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński for initiating this process. I can assure all of you that we will continue it” – Minister Błaszczak noted.

Source Polish MoD

Photos courtesy Polish MoD