DSA 2024 – Aiming to the Malaysian 6×6 programme, FNSS exhibits its PARS III FSV variant

Paolo Valpolini

At DSA in Kuala Lumpur FNSS of Turkey exhibited its PARS III 6×6 armoured wheeled vehicle, in the Fire Support Vehicle configuration, fitted with the Taber II remotely controlled turret armed with a 30×173 mm gun

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A requirement for a 6×6 armoured platform has been around in Malaysia for at least 15 years but has not yet materialised. That said, the need is still there, and things might accelerate, EDR On-Line understood, if it will be merged with another programme, this being for a 4×4 platform. This might lead to the issue of a Request for Information by late 2024, early 2025. Should the 6×6 programme remain stand-alone, a possible date for an RfI might be late 2025.

It is thus quite obvious that competitors are lining up for this and FNSS, which PARS 8×8 produced by Deftech in Malaysia has become one of the workhorses of the local Army Royal Armoured Corps under the name AV-8 Gempita of which 257 are in service, a CBRN version having been exhibited at the Deftech stand for the first time at DSA 2024.

The 6×6 exhibited by FNSS is a PARS III in the Omani configuration, fitted with the Teber II remotely controlled turret unveiled this year at the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. EDR On-Line understood the Fire Support Vehicle being one of those required by Malaysia for its 6×6 programme, FNSS taking the opportunity to showcase its second generation Teber turret on the Asian-Pacific market.

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The PARS III features a two-man driver’s front section offering more than 180° horizontal field of view, the engine being located behind the driver. In the configuration seen at DSA the front right seat was dedicated to the scout team commander, the remaining of the team being on inward-looking seats attached to the right side of the vehicle. On the right, behind the engine compartment, we find two forward-looking working positions, the front one for the gunner and the rear one for the vehicle commander, both being able to operate the turret. The gunner position can be moved forward, to the right of the driver, should the customer prefer.

The PARS III was already tested in Malaysia, but FNSS confirmed to EDSR On-Line that it intends testing the vehicle in the new configuration in the near future.

At WDS 2024 in Saudi Arabia FNSS unveiled the next generation of its PARS family, the ALPHA, which is currently being proposed to the Turkish Land Forces for their Next Generation Wheeled Armoured Vehicle. The vehicle was fitted with the same Teber II turret visible on the PARS III at DSA, while the 6×6 version of the ALPHA should be ready in spring 2026.

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At DSA FNSS also the Sancak RCT remotely controlled turret armed with the Venom LR 30×113 autocannon. Designed and manufactured by AEI Systems in the UK, the company was acquired by Canik of Turkey in 2022, and now the Venom LR can be produced both in the UK and in Turkey, the same applying to other products. At less than half a tonne the Sancak can be installed on light armoured vehicles providing considerable firepower should the customer select the 30×113 cannon as armament.

Among the numerous modernisation programmes FNSS developed in cooperation with Deftech of Malaysia that of the ACV-300 tracked armoured infantry vehicle in service with the Royal Malaysian Army, the proposal offered to the service by the two companies being exhibited on the Deftech stand.

Photos by P. Valpolini