DSEI 2023 – Aselsan SARP Next Gen dual RCWS will be available in late 2024

Paolo Valpolini

Introduced by Aselsan at DSEI 2023, the latest member of the SARP (Stabilized Advanced Remote weapon Platform), the SARP Next Generation, Next Gen in short, leverages the experience acquired by the Turkish defence electronics company in the past years

With over 4,000 weapon stations sold all over the world, Aselsan has proposed at DSEI the next generation product that features a series of innovations, some apparent while some are inside the system and therefore cannot be seen.

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The SARP Next Gen is a dual weapon station, the main weapon being in the middle; at DSEI this was a 12.7 mm machine gun, but it can be replaced by a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. On the right side we find the secondary armament, in the form of a 7.62 mm machine gun. Six smoke grenade launchers were installed, three on the right and three on the left, the day/night optronic package used for surveillance and sighting being fitted under the main armament. On the left of the main armament we find the Aselsan SEDA-Minishooting-point detection system, which should be interfaced with the fire control system in order to lay the gun automatically in the threat direction, should this mode be selected by the operator.

Not many technical details were provided. Elevation was declared “the same of the SARP Dual”, which is -30°/+60°, while azimuth is 360° continuous the SARP being fitted with a slip ring. The same was said about the ammunition load; however the key issue is that the SARP Next Gen can easily be reloaded from under armour without exposing personnel. SARP Dual data sheet call for a 96 rounds 40 mm grenades, 400 12.7 mm rounds and 1,500 7.62 mm rounds.

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All servomechanisms are new, the SARP Next Gen having a lower silhouette compared to past SARP models. It is also lighter, mass with weapons and ammunition in the 12.7/7.62 mm configuration being less than 400 kg, while the old Dual mass was over 450 kg.

The new RCWS is manufactured at Aselsan Konya, a subsidiary of which Aselsan owns 50% of te stakes, the remaining 50% beinh in the hands of local entrepreneurs.

The SARP Next Gen is currently in the final development stage and firing trials will start in late 2023. The development was carried out on company funds, and  requirement has yet emerged among Turkish armed forces. Aselsan aims at having its new generation RCWS available on the market in late 2024.

Photos courtesy P. Valpolini