AUSA 2019: Commtact Launches the HiveComm datalink family – Advanced Communications Solutions for a Variety of Air, Sea, and Land Platforms

7 October 2019, Commtact Ltd.a leading provider of advanced wireless communications solutions for manned and unmanned platforms on the ground, in the air or at sea ‒ launches the HiveComm Datalink Family, a suite of solutions that enables advanced communications for a variety of air, sea and land platforms. The suite includes advanced technology incorporated into OEM products, tactical ruggedized units, and ground end stations.

According to Mr. Ariel Kandel CEO Of Commtact Ltd: “We are happy to introduce the HiveComm for the first time ‒ a new generation of SDR wireless advanced datalink solutions providing secured IP connectivity and high-end performance in ever-changing operational environments, combined with leading proprietary and combat-proven technologies. 

Ariel continued, “We are continuously engaged in the development of solutions that enable our customers to enjoy flexible, open architecture, secured, robust communications solutions under the most challenging conditions, ensuring continuous high data rate transmission between platforms or users.”

The HiveComm is a leading SDR (Software Defined Radio) system designed to provide full duplex digital communications, enabling high performance data transmission (40Mbps). The suite combines Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MiMo) technology for improved reliability and performance in a multipath environment, as well as unique algorithms for encryption and secure communications. Advanced error correction techniques and algorithms increase datalink robustness and reliability in even the most challenging scenarios.

Among its many features, the HiveComm has an adaptive modem, the AiMoTM, delivering a one-of-a-kind smart modem algorithm ‒ optimizing the SDR for maximum performance. The modem operates either single carrier or multi-carrier modulation, providing the operator with the required operational flexibility.

Networking is accomplished by Commtact’s proprietary MANET solution (HiveNetTM), a highly effective self-forming/self-healing, ad-hoc, multi-hop Mesh network. Using Commtact’s AmadeusTM real-time HD video encoder, enhanced video capabilities offer real-time multi-transmission from several different payloads at low latency. Two built-in proprietary HD video encoders allow concurrent encoding, decoding and transmission of multiple HD video streams.

Commtact can be found at AUSA, Washington, D.C., October 14-16, Hall D, Booth 7057

Photos courtesy Commtact