Barzan Maintenance Shield QSTP-LLC (BMS) and HAVELSAN Renew Partnership to Advance Military Training

Doha, Qatar – [06/03/2024] – BARZAN Maintenance Shield QSTP-LLC and HAVELSAN proudly announce the extension of their pivotal Simulator Maintenance Support Contract, initially established on 2021, for an additional two years. This extension agreement was unveiled at the distinguished Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) 2024, symbolizing a strengthened commitment to advancing Qatar Armed Forces’ training capabilities and military readiness.

The agreement not only reinforces the ongoing partnership but also signifies a significant stride towards enhancing the quality and scope of military training within the Qatar Armed Forces. This partnership ensures the continuation of vital AW139 Training Centers Support Services, which are crucial for the operational efficiency and preparedness of the Qatar Armed Forces.

Through this renewed alliance, BARZAN Maintenance Shield QSTP-LLC and HAVELSAN reaffirm their dedication to delivering superior training experiences, ensuring that Qatar’s military personnel are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and readiness to meet the challenges of modern military operations. The contract extension marks a milestone in the continued effort to bolster national defense capabilities through state-of-the-art training and technology.

Photo courtesy Havelsan