Calian Wins $23 Million Contract for New Military Medical Training Program with the Canadian Armed Forces

1 May 2024 – Calian Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY), a provider of diverse and innovative solutions in healthcare, communications, learning and cybersecurity, has been awarded a significant contract by the Canadian Armed Forces’ Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CFHSG). Valued at $17 million for three years with an option to extend for a fourth year, potentially increasing the total value to $23 million, this contract highlights Calian’s commitment to leveraging its military training and simulation expertise alongside its advanced medical capabilities to offer unparalleled, mission critical support to the CAF.

Calian will deliver comprehensive administrative, instructional and courseware development solutions to enhance CFHSG training initiatives across Canada, including support for the Royal Canadian Dental Corps and Canadian Forces Medical Services. Work will bolster critical training programs at military bases across the country to include environmental medicine development, engineering and evaluation of human performance and protective systems, combat medical simulation, and operational medicine and dental practices. Calian’s work will enable an increase in training throughput with the introduction of eLearning, allowing the CAF to more efficiently meet operational readiness goals.  

“This contract signifies a milestone achievement, combining Calian’s longstanding expertise in both military training and healthcare services to fulfill critical training needs.,” says Kevin Ford, CEO, Calian. “Our ability to integrate these domains seamlessly has been instrumental in securing this opportunity with the Canadian Armed Forces.”

For over 25 years, Calian has been at the forefront of delivering sophisticated military training and simulation solutions to the CAF. The expertise of Calian’s training division in developing cutting-edge eLearning and distance learning platforms will complement its health services’ capabilities in medical training, resulting in a cohesive, innovative solution that supports the CAF’s objectives to elevate operational readiness. This project further illustrates how Calian’s health and training divisions collaborate to streamline and enhance training delivery.  

“A tailored approach to training is crucial—which means connecting the right expertise with specific needs to ensure high efficacy in all situations,” explains Jay Ballard, VP, Defence Learning, Calian. “Our comprehensive understanding of the CAF’s operational requirements, paired with our dual capabilities in health and training solutions, enables us to craft customized training solutions that precisely address the needs of each training program.”

Photo courtesy Calian