Civitanavi Systems on Tempest sixth-generation jet fighter

Italian Company Civitanavi Systems, with its HQ in Pedaso (FM) Italy, has recently delivered the first two inertial systems under a contract awarded by BAE Systems for a FOG (Fiber Optic Gyro) based, compact inertial system to support Tempest.

Harnessing Civitanavi’s fast growing capabilities in all domains of dual use, inertial systems design, development and manufacture, these FOG systems will be used to derisk integrity and redundancy within BAE Systems’ innovative Flight Control System (FCS) demonstration work on Tempest.

“We are really excited to be able to work closely in a collaborative program with BAE Systems, a highly recognized name in the global defense industry in this very innovative project. Our initial programme is to supply the company’s facilities in support of Team Tempest.” Alan Kaile, Business Development Lead, Aerospace and Defence, Civitanavi Systems.

Image courtesy Crowncopyright