Expodefensa 2023 – Codaltec projects an NVG simulator

Douglas Hernández

At the International Security and Defense Fair Expodefensa 2023, which takes place at the Corferias facilities in Bogotá, from December 5 to 7, CODALTEC the Colombian High Technology Corporation, unveiled the proof of concept of a Night Vision Goggles (NVG) simulator

The prototype seeks to simulate sensory elements involved when NVGs are used, employing virtual reality technology, and was developed by CODALTEC engineers, the company belonging to the Defense Social and Business Group (GSED), a vice-ministry of the Colombian Ministry of Defense. No similar systems are known on in the international market, which is why the company considers it an  innovation in this field.

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The system consists of a server where sacenarios are loaded and the different variables are controlled, a viewer with a head support, and a joystick with which the virtual reality viewer that resembles an NVG is activated or deactivated.

The proof of concept has been succesfully tested but is still under evaluation.  The currently scenario represents an aircraft cabin, and involves three light conditions: if the wearer looks to the right he finds a jungle area with no lighting, if he looks to the left he sees an urban area with many lights, and if he lowers the head he observes the aircraft’s instruments, which are obviously NVG-compatible. CODALTEC plans developing multiple scenarios, including dynamic situations and problems, until completing an NVG simulator for fixed and rotary wing aircraft pilots.

CODALTEC also declared that this proof of concept, and its potential development in an NVG simulator, are being carried out based on a requirement from an important European aeronautical company.

Photos by D. Hernández