Czech Ministry of Defense will start negotiations on the acquisition of the SHORAD / MRSAM missile system

On Friday, September 25, 2020, the Minister of Defense Lubomír Metnar informed the government that the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic had decided to initiate negotiations with the Government of the State of Israel on the possibility of acquiring a new modern anti-aircraft missile system for the Czech Army. It is designed to ensure the continuous defense of the airspace of the Czech Republic, especially the protection of troops and urban agglomerations, nuclear power plants, industrial centers, airports and other important facilities.

“Anti-aircraft missile systems, together with supersonic aircraft, form the basic pillars of air defense. Therefore, the acquisition of a new generation of anti-aircraft missile system capable of countering current means of air attack is a key strategic project of state defense and one of the main priorities of the ongoing modernization of the ACR, “explained Minister Metnar.

As part of this acquisition, the military expects to acquire a short-range short-range / medium-range anti-aircraft missile system (SHORAD / MRSAM) with four batteries, each equipped with its own 3D radar, fire command and control system, and four launchers. The new missile system in the army’s armament will replace the more than 40-year-old anti-aircraft kit 2K12 KUB of Soviet design and production.

In its selection, the military assessed in detail a total of nine modern anti-aircraft missile systems from seven manufacturers. Based on market research, consultations with allies, official information for manufacturers (RFI, Request For Information), an industry day and a feasibility study, the military chose the SPYDER anti-aircraft missile system from the Israeli state-owned company Rafael as the most suitable system for its specific conditions and needs.

The Ministry of Defense will address the Government of the State of Israel directly with an offer to negotiate, stating that the public contract in the estimated value of CZK 10 billion including VAT will be implemented through an exemption for contracts in the field of defense or security of Act No. 134/2016 Coll., On Public Procurement. This intention was unanimously confirmed by the College of Defense on 9 July 2020.

The date of concluding the agreement at the level of the governments of both countries can then be expected at the beginning of 2021, with the proviso that deliveries of a new missile system could be realized from 2023.

An important part of the negotiations will be the share of Czech industry’s involvement. In short, the Ministry of Defense aims to contractually secure at least 30% of Czech companies’ share in the acquisition and integration of a new weapons system, as well as contractually provide logistical support for the entire life cycle of twenty years or more by an entity based in the Czech Republic.

Source Israel MoD